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Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope

I had a number of blog readers request some information on the Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope meet at Hollywood Studios.  I actually waited in the line twice during my recent trip and dropped in to see how the line was looking a few times.  The queue area is designed to look like Game Central Station with video screens that represent Wreck-it Ralph, Hero’s Duty and a broken Galaga game that we are peering through back into the real world.  It’s well designed to remind one of the movie, but I think they missed the mark by not putting in any actual video games.  We found one Fix-it Felix video game in another room, but it was a non-working version.

They entry corridor is the the immediate left of the actual meet and greet area.

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Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope begin appearing October 28


Disney Parks has confirmed the news that I’ve been telling you about for quite some time.  Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope will begin meeting guests at Hollywood Studios on Sunday, October 28 in the Magic of Disney Animation area.  It’s the same area that houses Sorcerer Mickey and the Incredibles. 

My best guess is that the movie will be a big success, but the character may be short-lived.  Ralph can get pretty exhausted wrecking all day and he may not last more than a few months.  Costumers have described him as a “hot mess” when it comes to how difficult it is for him to move about.  Think of James P. “Sulley” Sullivan in terms of movement, only worse.  Ralph will be incapable of signing autographs, so that will be left to Vanellope – the princess of pulled taffy.  I don’t have their official schedule yet, but I expect them to meet 10-6 daily, or something like that.

Be sure to check out their new movie which opens November 2.  It’s a great movie with lots of laughs, nods to classic video games and a big heart.  If you’re a character hunter, meet these guys in the next few months or you possibly may never see them.

Possible date for Wreck-it Ralph’s first appearance

I’ve been hearing “late October” for the first appearance for Wreck-it Raplh and Vanellope for a while now, even though the Disney blog announced his appearance as beginning in November.  Recently, I was given the date of Sunday, October 28th as Ralph and Vanellope’s first day to meet and greet guests at Hollywood Studios Magic of Animation, where Winnie the Pooh used to meet.  Stitchkingdom.com has also heard the same date, so I feel reasonably comfortable releasing that date.  Delays can always occur, especially when dealing with a refurb for an area, but that’s the date I’ve heard Disney is shooting for right now.

Wreck-it Ralph to be joined by Vanellope

Wreck-it Ralph evidently won’t be alone this fall at Hollywood Studios.  He will be joined by Vanellope, who is another major character in the self-titled film.  (Source:  asianway wdwmagic) This may also explain why Mrs. Incredible is set to retire soon.  It’s going to be a great fall and winter season for character hunters!