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Pete’s Silly Sideshow Storybook Circus meet and greet to soft open September 30

According to a reliable source, the all new Storybook Circus character meet and greet area known as Pete’s Silly Sideshow is set to begin soft opening mode on Sunday, September 30th.  You may recall that this is the tent that will house Goofy & Donald, Minnie & Daisy.

Again, I’m excited that my timing for being in Walt Disney World is impeccable as I get to experience this first hand on it’s grand opening!


Enchanted Tales with Belle review and photos

On my recent visit to Walt Disney World I had the opportunity to take part in “Enchanted Tales with Belle” in the New Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom.  After dropping the bouncer at the gate a $20 and providing  the keywords “Donald rules,” I was allowed entrance to the new area.  I was excited to see what they were building on the other side of the walls with my own 4 eyes for the first time.  What should I expect though?  Is this going to be a show?  Is this going to be another “Play and greet?”  I found it to be more of the first, and less of the second.  It’s more of an experience than a show though.  It’s an effort to engage and interact with the guests of all ages in a very different way.  Let’s take a journey behind the wall and into Maurice’s Cottage, then on to Beast’s Library.  I’ll tell the story with photos and video.The area isn’t quite photo ready because the water and some more plants are yet to be added, but it is already looking quite amazing near the entrance to the area.

My first view of Maurice’s Cottage

I’ve never been to France, so I’ll assume it looks like this 🙂

Maurice’s Cottage has a western appeal. Perhaps it is from Western France?

I was thirsty for a drink of water, but there seemed to be a drought on this day.

Some more exterior decor

I bet you won’t see the queue this empty when it opens for previews in late October!

We’ve finally made it to the cottage!

See, I told you there was a drought in this region of France currently. I’ve heard there will be a major rainfall around the end of October though.

We can see the final destination of Beast’s Castle in the distance
Because most of the small group I was queued with was already inside the cottage, my time inside the first room was quite hurried, so I quickly shot a few photos of the entry area before moving on to the Magical Mirror stage.

The opening scene is of the quaint French cottage that Belle in which Belle was reared.

I love the wonderful small details that the Imagineers included like the growth chart upon the left hand wall as one enters the cottage.

With one simple picture, we learn that Belle acquired her love for reading from her dear departed mother.
 From this scene we are ushered into Maurice’s workshop, which is rich with blueprints (bleuprints?) and gadgets that Maurice is currently designing.  Some are on shelves, while others are hanging from the ceiling.
 After entering the workshop, the Cast Member quickly gathers everyone and focuses their attention on the Magical Mirror.http://youtu.be/WtH1kUB-hAU
We step through the Magical Mirror and enter the Wardrobe room.  I personally like the fact that Disney is entertaining us while we wait on the final scene.  It is similar to the approach of the Haunted Mansion in that they are telling us the story in pieces, rather than walking a static queue line.  The Wardrobe Room is quite simple in its decor.  I believe that is to focus everyone’s attention on the Wardrobe and the Cast Member who is setting the stage.IMPORTANT!  If you or your child want to be involved in the story AND get a quick photo with Belle, be sure to VOLUNTEER.  My brother was on of the guards on our second viewing and it added to the fun.

Stay away! Scary guard on duty.

Looks like the Wardrobe was actually Shaquille O’neal before being cursed as a piece of furniture. Kidding aside, the animatronic effect is well done and made me think of Radiator Springs Racers with its fluid movement.

Cast Member reaches inside to retrieve each prop as they are called and matches them up with a wiling VOLUNTEER!

Here’s the full video of the Wardrobe segment…http://youtu.be/anGlKi-4uXU
After Lumiere requests our presence, we are ushered into the grand Library .  The room is well done and has some nice benches to watch the show portion.  Lumiere is definitely the greatest feature of this segment.  I found myself watching his seamless movements while enjoying the show.  I like how the Cast Members interact with the guests when telling the story and Belle does a beautiful job as always.

A real star in this show.
The guests are then used to tell the story.  With each person presented at the appropriate time in the story.  It’s similar to the old Storytime with Belle, but is presented in a better fashion and AIR CONDITIONING!
 Here’s the final scene in all its glory in HD too!http://youtu.be/MF9uv_gXCC4
I really enjoyed the Enchanted Tales with Belle experience and I saw the glow in the eyes of small children that I look for in a great attraction.  I’m sure that my daughters would like to soak it all it by viewing several times when it reopens to guests in late October.  Even though Disney magic is used to reduce the line waits, it will be very popular and probably have much longer waits than the new Little Mermaid attraction that will be an omnimover and have a higher guest capacity per day.I’ve heard that Enchanted Tales with Belle will operate from open to close (or near close) once it reopens, so arrive early to avoid a longer wait.NOTE:  Don’t expect this to be a “Meet and greet” with a character.  There are no autographs and I noticed that only those who participated in the show are given a quick photo op.  However, as attractions move from Imagineering to Operations, expect that additional changes could happen, including eliminating the quick photos in leiu of higher guest capacity.  (My observation)

Enchanted Tales with Belle Magic Kingdom December 2012
Enchanted Tales with Belle Magic Kingdom December 2012

Ariel’s new meet and greet concept art



The Disney Parks blog released one new concept art image of Ariel’s new meet and greet in New Fantasyland today.  It is reminiscent of the old Grotto meet that used to be located near Pinocchio’s Village Haus.

Ariel  will return to fin form as I’ve mentioned previously a number of times here on the blog.  The meet will take place on the seaside cliffs of Prince Eric’s Castle.

The blog states that the character greeting will begin with the public previews on November 19th, but one might expect soft openings before this public preview.


No autographs from Belle?

I have heard from a reliable source that Belle will no longer sign autographs in her new Enchanted Forest location in New Fantasyland.   This area is to be considered an “experience” rather than a mere meet and greet.  Guests will get to take part in her Story Time and then have a few moments to meet her.  Guests will be allowed the bonus of taking photographs with Belle, just no autographs.  It remains unclear if this is going to be seen as a test for future meets.  While not taking sides on the autograph vs no autograph, I can tell you from experience that lines at Disneyland moved much faster because fewer guests collected autographs.

What do you think?

Gaston to offer meet and greets in New Fantasyland Enchanted Forest

 There’s great news for character hunters!  Gaston from the hit movie Beauty and the Beast will begin offering meet and greets once the new Enchanted Forest section of New Fantasyland opens.  Previously, Gaston was only to meet available during last year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or pop up surprise meets in Epcot.

Pete’s Silly Sideshow Rumors Confirmed!

The beautiful exterior of the all new Pete’s Silly Sideshow
The Disney Parks Blog just announced a confirmation of the rumors that I’ve been listing for a while  that Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Minnie will relocate into Pete’s Silly Sideshow and even included some great artwork!  The new costumes and meet areas look to be amazing!The all new character meet area will offer two separate lines that guests can enter.  One line will lead you to Minnie Magnifique and Daisy the Fortuneteller, while the other line will offer meets with The Great Goofini and The Astounding Donaldo (was previously going to be called Amazing.  You can still see the word Amazing in his artwork).Mickey Mouse will continue to offer meet and greets in the Town Square Theater.The obvious question would be:  Where is Pete?  It is his sideshow after all.Rumors point to mid to late October soft openings with actual public opening in November.

Meet Minnie Magnifique!

Meet Daisy the Gypsy Fortuneteller

Meet The Great Goofini – I love the nod to Evel Knievel!

Meet The Astounding Donaldo – watch out for the snakes though! (Notice it still states Amazing in the title)

Flat image of Entrance Area
Here’s an out take from the Disney Parks Blog post:“Many of you have been asking for details on what’s happening in the big-top tents in the Storybook Circus area of New Fantasyland. I’m happy to share that one tent will house Pete’s Silly Sideshow character greetings, a place where guests can meet some of their favorite Disney circus stars who wait to show off their special talents.Once inside the tent, guests have two options: Join a line that leads to Minnie Magnifique (Minnie Mouse as a circus star) and Madame Daisy Fortuna (Daisy Duck as a fortuneteller), or head to see The Great Goofini (Goofy as a daredevil stunt pilot) and The Astounding Donaldo (Donald Duck as a snake charmer).”Here’s a list of the threads that I mentioned Pete’s Silly Sideshow.First mentioned:  http://kennythepirate.com/2012/04/19/character-rumor-round-up/Detailed actual characters:  http://kennythepirate.com/2012/04/27/new-fantasyland-opening-early/VIP costumes:  http://kennythepirate.com/2012/07/28/rumor-petes-silly-sideshow-to-introduce-new-vip-costumes/