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Rumor Round Up

Belle’s new style

Belle’s new dress, hair and accouterments premiered at Disneyland on the date that I had previously announced, but she will not receive the new look at Walt Disney World for a week or two.   I would expect her to wear this attire at Enchanted Tales with Belle and Akershus character meals.  Her dress is more of a light gold instead of the bright yellow.  I like the new look.  What do you think?


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Merida’s first theme park appearance

According to the Unofficial Disney Character facebook Merida made her first theme park appearance today in Future World in Epcot.  It is considered a “training set” and these may or may not happen over the next couple of weeks.  Keep your eyes out if you’re in Epcot!


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Character Rumor Round Up

So we’ve seen Rapunzel take over Tour Guide Gardens and Pinocchio has bit the dust .  What could be coming to Walt Disney World soon?

(Confirmed) Merida – Merida will move into Rapunzel’s old spot after it is remodeled into a Scottish castle motif.  They will feature her 3 bear brothers as puppets.
Likelihood:  Definite

Rumored:  Swampy the Alligator.  It was rumored a couple months ago that Swampy from Disney’s hit mobile device game “Where’s my water?” would begin meet and greets in the Fall of 2012, but nothing more has been said.  Likelihood:  MAYBE

(source Drew wdwmagic)

Rumored:  Wreck-it Ralph.  It has been rumored that characters from Wreck-it Ralph would begin meet and greets Fall of 2012.  Disney is investing big bucks into this 3D Movie version developed from classic style video games of the past.  The movie will include cameos characters from Pac Man, Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Combat, Sonic and QBert.  Ralph is 9 feet tall and 643 pounds in the story.  They’ll need to shrink him a bit or casting will become limited to former NBA centers like Shaquille O’neal.  I would expect Ralph and Felix to take Pooh’s spot in Hollywood Studios, which sends Pooh back to the streets.  Likelihood:  Likely

Pete’s Silly Sideshow – this will not actually be a show, but just a glorified meet and greet.  Donald is said to relocate from Frontierland to a nice air-conditioned tent as the Great Donaldo.  I’m hoping that PETE actually appears.  It has been rumored that Goofy and other VIPs would join Donald.  This area of Storybook Circus is said to open in early 2013.  Many of us would like to see Pete, the Big Bad Wolf, Lambert the Sheepish Lion or even Oswald appear here.  We’ll most likely be dissapointed with it becoming more of a Epcot Character Spot type location with the same old characters but in circus apparel.  I would expect it to offer Fastpass as FP is all the rage now.  Likelihood:  Likely

NO Flynn Rider meets and Rapunzel in Town Square

According to a reliable source,  Rapunzel will not be moving to Adventureland Verandah.  Instead she will move to Town Square Tour Guide Gardens on April 15 next to City Hall and Flynn will NOT be meeting with her. 

Both Rapunzel and Flynn will join the 3:00 parade.

Your thoughts?

Merida, Tangled, Fairies and Sorcerers oh my

UPDATE:  Merida is definitley going to be meeting in the Magic Kingdom, not Hollywood Studios as rumored, begining in Mid-May  More rumor wrangling for you on this beautiful 70 degree February day!

Merida – Merida will supposedly meet in Hollyood Studios.  She will be Pixar’s first face character and has already had several girls for test fittings.  She is said to begin meeting in the old Narnia area beginning in May.  Her three triplet brothers Harris, Hubert, and Hamish are said to appear in puppet form to entertain guests as they wait to meet Merida. Some reports have them meeting with Merida, but queue enterainment seems more likely.   They will be using puppeteers from Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Disney Jr. to accomodate this Meet.

Tangled – The former Skyway station location in Fantasyland is being remade into not only new restrooms, but also a new Tangled themed area.   Belle will move into Beast’s castle for Storytime with Belle and meet and greet and Ariel will relocate to her new area near in the new ride.  That leaves Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White to move into the new Fairytale Hall Princess meet area to be built in the current Snow White’s Scary Adventures area that will be removed soon.  That would also open additional indoor space in Town Square theater and the Adventureland Verandah would be open for another character or left empty.

Fairies – For the second year in a row, the Fairies will have an area avaiable for meet and greets during the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot.  The festival will take place from March 7 to May 20th.  Their meet area is said to be nearer to Test Track this year.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – The new interactive experience that takes place all over the Magic Kingdom has now gone live daily for extended testing.  There are 20 different villains that one will be able to defeat using spell cards.  Each area will offer 5 different villains and 3 skill levels.  When you sign up at the old Firehouse in Town Square, you’ll be given one key card and 5 spell cards.  There are 70 spell cards in all to collect and use.  Combining more than one spell will create a special and unique spell.  Sorcerers is said to contain over 95 minutes of new animated sequences featuring many rare characters like Mr. Toad.  The new game will officially offer full operation beginning February 21.  This game is sure to be a hit with older kids and tweens!

Winnie the Pooh & Tigger have now officially moved back into the Toy Shoppe in the the UK Pavillion in Epcot.  I’m updating their schedule later today!