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Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope

I had a number of blog readers request some information on the Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope meet at Hollywood Studios.  I actually waited in the line twice during my recent trip and dropped in to see how the line was looking a few times.  The queue area is designed to look like Game Central Station with video screens that represent Wreck-it Ralph, Hero’s Duty and a broken Galaga game that we are peering through back into the real world.  It’s well designed to remind one of the movie, but I think they missed the mark by not putting in any actual video games.  We found one Fix-it Felix video game in another room, but it was a non-working version.

They entry corridor is the the immediate left of the actual meet and greet area.

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What’s the deal with the Beast?

Beast used to meet regularly in Epcot.  Some sets were solo, some were together with Belle, like the meet above.  There was a great demand for Beast in Epcot.  The lines were usually so long that the meet was closed long before Beast even appeared.  The Cast Members would often form a second line of people willing to meet only Belle and often Belle would walk the line pre-signing autograph books to accommodate the long line and help it move quickly.  Some guests even planned their day in Epcot around meeting Beast.  Beast was unceremoniously retired from regular in-park meet and greets.

I had mentioned rumors for several months that Beast would leave Epcot in order to move to meeting ONLY dinner guests at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant that wouldn’t open until today (November 19, 2012).  One would be required to have a dinner reservation in order to take a quick photo with Beast.

Gaston to offer meet and greets in New Fantasyland Enchanted Forest (August 7)

Walt Disney World Character Rumor Round-up. Much to discuss today!

Beast – I’ve been hearing chatter that Beast may appear for photo opportunity during dinner ONLY.  Beast would not be moving table to table, but he would have a stationary location somewhere in the general dining area.  It wouldn’t be billed as “character dining.”

 In July Belle and Beast met totally exclusive of one another for a short time as a test to gauge guest reaction.

Did Belle and Beast file for separation?

Belle and Beast did break up from meeting one another.  Beast left Epcot and Belle only offers regular meets in Epcot along with Enchanted Tales with Belle in the Magic Kingdom which is not a regular meet and greet.  Gaston even moved into the New Fantasyland area.

Recently, the Disney Blog offered a meet-up that hosted a number of prominent bloggers, as well as other guests.  During the meet-up, the host explained that “We are saying that this character appearance is a special appearance. It’s only for the Blog meet-up tonight.”  Of course, all the kind and loyal fans and bloggers accepted that this meant that Beast would not be meeting guests before dinner after all.

Well, when the first “Official” dinner guests with Advance Reservations, not merely those in previews, arrived tonight they found…BEAST meeting guests after dinner!  Confusing?  Deceptive?  Attempting to keep a “surprise” that everyone knew about for months?

I had been able to confirm that Beast would offer a photo-op with dinner guests on many fronts.  Daily CMs, those with an understanding of the budgets etc… All would agree that Beast was a definite.  Then there was that odd announcement that certainly sounded like Beast wouldn’t be there after all, which left me saying, “Huh, what?”  So, I remained silent on the matter.

Well, Beast IS meeting every night after dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant.  He’ll offer a brief, yet organized photo op for any willing family/guest inside the restaurant.  They will ask that you try to take your photo as a group in order to keep the process moving quickly and not create a backlog or wait line.  He does not meet outside the restaurant.  The photo op is ONLY for those eating dinner at the restaurant.  It isn’t a traditional meet and greet where the character moves from table to table either.

Beast is meeting guests at his new restaurant…SURPRISE!!!

All character schedules updated

I just completed updating the character schedules for all four parks as well as the Master List.  You can find all the updates by following the following links.  They are permanently attached to the top of the site as well.

Animal Kingdom Character Schedules

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Disney World Character Meals

Disney World Master Meet and Greet List

Characters appearing for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2012


I’ll start by listing the characters that you no longer will be able to meet at MVMCP this year:  Beast, Stitch and Shaker will no longer meet guests at 2012 parties.  The only positive re-addition will be Scrooge McDuck.  He was removed last year, but returns this year.  In my opinion the party has become less interesting each year.  We used to be able to meet classic characters like the Brers and Donald was in a great costume.  Lately, the trend is to extend the same characters that one could meet during the day.  I much prefer MNSSHP for character variety and pounds of candy, but I’m no Scrooge, I love Christmas. I just don’t love the character line up for 2012.

Abu – Agrabah Bazaar
Aladdin as Prince Ali – Agrabah Bazaar
Ariel- Ariel’s Grotto
Aurora & Prince Phillip – Town Square Theater
Belle – Enchanted Tales with Belle (not traditional meet and greet.)
Big Al – Near Country Bears
Capt. Jack Sparrow – Near Pirates of the Caribbean
Cinderella & Prince Charming,
Tremaine Family – Fantasyland Wall
Donald – Pete’s Silly Sideshow
Duffy – Liberty Square Riverboat
Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger & Winnie the Pooh – Next to Many Adventures of  Winnie the Pooh
Genie – Agrabah Bazaar
Goofy – Pete’s Silly Sideshow
Daisy – Pete’s Silly Sideshow
Jasmine – Agrabah Bazaar
Liverlips – Near Country Bears
Merida – Fairytale Gardens
Mickey & Minnie – Town Square Theater
Minnie – Pete’s Silly Sideshow
Peter Pan & Wendy – Prince Charming Carousel
Phineas & Ferb – Tomorrowland
Rapunzel &Flynn – Town Square Theater
Santa Clause – Main St Flag Pole
Scrooge McDuck – Castle Courtyard
Seven Dwarfs – Splash Mountain Exit – no autographs!
Snow White & Prince – Town Square Theater
Tiana & Naveen – Liberty Square Glade
Tinker Bell & Periwinkle – Tinker Bell’s Nook

Dance Parties – no meets, no autographs
Cosmic Ray’s Dance Party
Chip & Dale

Diamond Horseshoe Dance Party Bullseye

Animal Kingdom characters set to appear in Halloween Costumes

Mickey, Minnie, Donald Pluto and Goofy have traditionally dressed in special costumes in Camp Minnie Mickey to celebrate Halloween in the Animal Kingdom theme park.  Mickey has dressed as the scarecrow you see above (photo taken at recent Happy Haunted 5K run), Minnie has dressed as a cowgirl, Goofy as a cowboy, Pluto wears a special pumpkin collar and Donald dons his coonskin cap that he used to wear at the Magic Kingdom.

The tradition of dressing for Halloween will continue this year in Camp Minnie Mickey.  The characters will wear these special costumes from October 28-November 3.  This mini-celebration will displace Baloo and King Louie, who will return to Stanley Falls in Africa for this week only.

Winnie the Pooh has traditionally appeared in his Super Slueth costume, Eeyore as a mummy and Tigger dresses for the occasion as well at Discovery Landing.  If you’re in Animal Kingdom next week, be sure to stop by and see these characters in their special costumes.

Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope begin appearing October 28


Disney Parks has confirmed the news that I’ve been telling you about for quite some time.  Wreck-it Ralph and Vanellope will begin meeting guests at Hollywood Studios on Sunday, October 28 in the Magic of Disney Animation area.  It’s the same area that houses Sorcerer Mickey and the Incredibles. 

My best guess is that the movie will be a big success, but the character may be short-lived.  Ralph can get pretty exhausted wrecking all day and he may not last more than a few months.  Costumers have described him as a “hot mess” when it comes to how difficult it is for him to move about.  Think of James P. “Sulley” Sullivan in terms of movement, only worse.  Ralph will be incapable of signing autographs, so that will be left to Vanellope – the princess of pulled taffy.  I don’t have their official schedule yet, but I expect them to meet 10-6 daily, or something like that.

Be sure to check out their new movie which opens November 2.  It’s a great movie with lots of laughs, nods to classic video games and a big heart.  If you’re a character hunter, meet these guys in the next few months or you possibly may never see them.