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Meeting the Fab Four at Star Wars Weekends

During Star Wars Weekends Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy take on new personalities to reflect the celebration.  Mickey becomes a Jedi, Minnie becomes Leia, Donald becomes a Storm Trooper and Goofy is the best of all as Darth Goofy.  The characters sign their normal names, not anything special for the weekend.  I wish they had provided the autograph cards like they did for May the Fourth, the lines would have moved much faster.  In order to meet all four it requires: luck, repeated visits or good timing.  In my case, I observed that all the Fab Four arrived together at about 9:45 am, so I got in line at 9:10.  The queue was filled and the current meet was Mickey and Minnie.

The cast member informs guests that they may or may not meet the characters visible because they rotate.  They ask that guests not move aside to let others pass, but I saw it happen frequently while I was there in many lines.  I have never understood that rule.  If the girl behind me wants to see Leia Minnie and I want to see Donald, why couldn’t one just stand aside?  Oh well, I don’t make the rules, just try to follow them.  They even flipped the line entrance at the Fab Four meet so people couldn’t sit on the wall at the last minute and let people pass.

So back to the story, I got in line at 9:10 expecting full queue to take 40-45 minutes.  When Mickey and Minnie left and large group of people around me sighed.  Donald and Goofy arrived and spirits picked up with a hope that they would be there.  As they left, I informed those around me that it should be all the Fab Four meeting together if they followed the same plan as the previous two days.  Donald and Goofy reappeared first and the crowd was like, huh?  Then Mickey and Minnie appeared to large cheers.  Those in the first of the three lines in the queue would probably see them, those after that, may not.  I met them at 9:55 am, so it was indeed a 45 minute wait.

Jedi Mickey, Leia Minnie, Stormtrooper Donald & Darth Goofy at Star Wars Weekends 2013 (1)

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