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Limited Time Magic – Merida’s Coronation at the Magic Kingdom

Welcome Merida as an Official Disney Princess

May 11, 2013

Join us for a joyous and regal celebration at Magic Kingdom park when Merida—the heroine from Disney•Pixar’s Brave—is officially christened into the Disney Princess Royal Court! As part of Limited Time Magic, all 10 Disney Princesses will be gathering together to coronate their newest member. And to commemorate the special occasion, you can purchase a limited edition Merida-inspired T-shirt, available in Youth and Toddler sizes while supplies last, and only at the Emporium inside Magic Kingdom park!


Limited Time Magic – Cinco de Mayo and Three Caballeros confirmed

May 5, 2013 to May 11, 2013This May, Walt Disney World Resort is throwing one festive party… and it’s all set to go down at the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo and Día de los Niños, Epcot will be hosting “¡Fiesta!”—a week-long celebration honoring the pride of Mexico, the personality of its people and the color of its culture.

From meeting classic characters to eating authentic Mexican foods and collecting magic merchandise, this is sure to be one fiesta you won’t soon forget!

Entertainment and character experiences are subject to change.

Meet The Three Caballeros
Don’t miss a rare opportunity to say “¡Saludos Amigos!” to three of the most famous Latin American lovebirds in history, The Three Caballeros!

Panchito, Jose Carioca and, of course, el Pato Donald are getting the band back together and they’re ready to pose for a picture or two—stop by and meet these classic Characters while you have the chance!

Move Your Feet to the Music
Once you’ve had your fill of The Three Caballeros, get ready to groove to music from south of the border, and maybe even move your feet a little!

First, soak up the spirit of the occasion with an energetic set by delightful marionettes. Then, float through the romanticized beauty of Mexico’s history with some folkloric dancing. Finally, work up an appetite with a little dancing of your own, set to the tunes of the world-renowned band, Mariachi Cobre!

Feast on Festive Mexican Eats
Ready for an authentic Mexican food experience? San Angel Inn Restaurante and La Hacienda de San Angel will both be a huge part of the occasion and they’re preparing a selection of fiesta-themed offerings to celebrate!

Check out the listings below for the Cinco de Mayo-specific menu, complete with appetizers, entrees and even a dessert!


  • Cream of Chile Poblano: Chile poblano, cilantro, onion, garlic and Mexican cream, garnished with tortilla strips, poblano peppers and cream ($7.50)
  • Chalupas de Chicharron: Corn dough topped with roasted chipotle sauce, shredded chicken, pork rind in green tomatillo sauce, fresh cheese, sour cream and avocado ($11.50)


  • Chile en Nogada: Egg-battered stuffed poblano pepper with pork, almonds, raisins, apple, pineapple, cinnamon, roasted tomato and garlic, topped with a walnut cream sauce ($24.50)
  • Enchiladas de Mole Poblano: Corn tortillas filled with marinated chicken, topped with mole poblano sauce, sesame seeds and Mexican cream ($23.50)
  • Pollo Rostizado en Salsa de Mercado: Slow roasted French-chicken breast, topped with a roasted green tomato, pine nuts, garlic, onion and saffron sauce ($23.50)


  • Camotes en Leche Condensada: Sweet potato dessert topped condensed milk, garnished with almond brittle ($7.00)

And for something fun to wash it all down with, stop by La Cava where you can sample an assortment of different drinks, including margarita-flavored Horchata and zesty Micheladas.

You can even try the famous “Banderita”—three separate shots that together form the colors of the Mexican flag!

Cinco de Mayo Ear Hats
Before this fiesta has you ready for a siesta, pop into a shop at the Mexico Pavilion and purchase a Cinco de Mayo ear hat!

Capturing the essence, color and iconic symbols of Mexico, there’s quite simply no more festive way to commemorate the year of the ear!

Rumor: Three Caballeros may meet for Limited Time Magic

I was told last week that Panchito Pistoles and Jose Carioca will join Donald for Limited Time Magic at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  I heard that this will begin on May 5th and run for a week.  These don’t come out often, so be sure to visit them if you are in the area if this event comes about.

This hasn’t been confirmed by Disney

Limited Time Magic: May the 4th be with you at Hollywood Studios with schedule.

May 4, 2013 

A short time from now, in a galaxy not so far away… Walt Disney World Resort is throwing a party for the greatest saga ever told!

In honor of Star Wars day, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be hosting “May the 4th Be with You!”—a one-of-a-kind Star Wars-themed celebration for both parents and kids alike.

From meeting classic characters to collecting limited-edition merchandise, it’s sure to be an unforgettable extravaganza! Only a Sith would miss this magic event.

Limited Time Magic Fairies experience – Take TWO

As I mentioned previously, the Fairy that I really wanted to meet was Silvermist.  She came and left from the park so quickly that we never had a chance to say hello.  Because of the blog I’ve met many great people.  Some enjoy helping others locate the characters that meet in the parks.  Well, a couple of super nice people told me that Silvermist would be out at 5:30 pm and again at 10:00pm on Wednesday.  After watching the Frontierland Hoedown, I headed over to meet Silvermist.  When my friends and I walked in, we found a line of an hour or more.  Now we were hoping that we’d actually get to meet the ONE character we wanted to see.  After waiting for about an hour while talking and laughing, we were in to meet her.

Tinker Bell and Silvermist

Tinker Bell remembered me from Monday and we picked up our conversation about babbling brookes.  I hope I didn’t creep out Silvermist too much when I was excited to see her.

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Limited Time Magic: Party for the Planet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom April 22-28, 2013

I mentioned on my Twitter feed the other day that Disney was looking at Animal Kingdom event involving some characters that you can’t find at Animal Kingdom any longer.  Well, it’s not for actual meet and greets! You can see them march by in the parade and you can DANCE with them.  No autographs.  You MIGHT get them to pose with you during the dance party, but even that isn’t assured.

April 22 to April 28, 2013 
This April, there’s a party going on at Walt Disney World Resort… and you’re officially invited!

Come celebrate the 15th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park at “Party for the Planet”—an Earth Week event where you can meet some of your favorite Disney Characters, purchase collectable merchandise and try out some tasty sweet treats!

Disney Character Dance Party
The party kicks off with a week-long character reunion, where some rarely seen Disney Characters will be making cameo appearances in Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

Stop by for a chance to see Lilo & Stitch, Flik & Princess Atta, Koda & Kenai, and Thumper & Miss Bunny as they march along, and then join them for a dance party hosted by DJ Dino-Mite in Dinoland, USA!

Stop by for a chance to see Lilo & Stitch, Flik & Princess Atta, Koda & Kenai, and Thumper & Miss Bunny as they march along, and then join them for a dance party hosted by DJ Dino-Mite in Dinoland, USA!

Commemorative Merchandise
Once the celebration’s started, make your way to Creature Comforts where you can buy celebratory clothing, commemorative pins, limited edition Vinylmation figures and other once-in-a-lifetime merchandise you won’t find anywhere else.

Can’t make it to Florida for the occasion? Take advantage of a special opportunity to order an exclusive 15th Anniversary T-shirt online… but get yours fast—the T-shirt will only be available from April 22 to April 24, 2013!

“Dig Up” Something Delicious
The Earth Week celebration continues all across Walt Disney World Resort, where for a limited time, you can “dig in” to a duo of playful desserts.

Head into Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Kona Café at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and try out the “Worm and Dirt Cupcake.” Or, travel to Magic Kingdom park or Epcot for a delightfully delicious “Worm and Dirt Tart.”

Remember, the Earth Week experience is only taking place for a limited time—don’t miss your chance to celebrate the planet in the most magical of ways!

My Limited Time Magic Fairies experience

I began the morning hoping that all 7 of the fairies that Disney listed would be available in one meet.  Wouldn’t that be awesome to meet Tink, Fawn, Iridessa, Terance, Vidia, Rosetta and Silvermist all at once?  f(Periwinkle isn’t supposed to appear at all due to the hot weather melting her wings.)  Well, it didn’t turn out quite like that.  I’m glad that Walt Disney World is doing these type events, but a little more forethought into the guest expectations and experience would prove helpful.  Who would like to spend their entire vacation standing in the same line over and over and over in hopes of finding their favorite fairy?  I personally have met them all except Silvermist, so I hoped to get that over in one or at least two meets.  I asked the managers standing by in the room if they could tell me at least what day Silvermist would be available and they were typically coy.  They talked about “magic” and no one knows when fairies fly in, blah, blah, blah.  Super nice people, but not helpful at all!  I would at least like to know WHAT DAY she’ll be out.  I’m glad that I was already planning to come down to Walt Disney World to take photos for the new app and the new website we’re developing at http://www.characterlocator.com.

The fairies will not autograph your book for this special week.  Instead they offer a special leaf shaped card that has all the autographs on it.  I really like the leaf design and some of the names are really shiny too.

Limited Time Magic Fairies autograph card front
Limited Time Magic Fairies autograph card front

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Long-lost Friends at Disneyland for Limited Time Magic and where’s the pirate been?

To start off, I haven’t been posting much lately because I was a very sick little puppy.  I had Influenza B that progressed into my lungs and sinuses.  I’ve taken a pharmacy load of medication and I’m finally beginning to feel better, so I hope to keep the site better updated now.

Character Set

A couple months back Walt Disney World hosted its first every Long-lost Friends Week at the Magic Kingdom to great fanfare.  Disneyland never likes to lose to Walt Disney World, so they have brought out all the stops.  Disney World had some simple signage, so Disneyland stepped it up with actual backdrops and even offer lighting for the sets.  Disneyland has offered 30 different characters, including some very rare ones like Esmeralda, Clopin and Ping.  Rich Muller and his son were there and present these photos for those of us who couldn’t make it.

Clopin, Esmeralda and Frollo
Clopin, Esmeralda and Frollo

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Celebrate Disney Fairies Week

April 15 to April 21, 2013

It’s Fairies Week at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and Tinker Bell’s coming in for a landing. And wouldn’t you know it, some fellow Disney Fairies are flying in for the occasion too! Head over to Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook, where Tink will be joined by a few friends making surprise appearances. You could meet Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, Vidia… maybe even Terence, the Pixie Dust-keeper himself!

  • Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook at Magic Kingdom Park: 9:15 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. all seven days.
  • Pixie Hollow at Disneyland park: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.

Limited Time Magic – Spring Fling at Epcot a walk through

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (2)

Blog contributor Michelle Humphrey recently visited Epcot’s Limited Time Magic “Spring Fling” that is being hosted all this week in the United Kingdom pavilion and sends along a photo report for us.  As you enter the area, you’ll see the times posted on the giant egg sign right on the main thoroughfare.   Take a right down the streets of the UK and head toward the back and you’ll find the check-in station.  The Egg Hunts are limited to only 20 children per time slot.  Egg Hunts for children 3-9 are held every 10 minutes from  11:00am- 3:30pm .  Egg Relays will be held at: 11:40am, 12:40pm, 1:40pm, 2:40pm and 3:40pm.  Guests can check in at the podium at the United Kingdom up to 30 mins before each hunt. 

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (13)

After stopping by the registration area, you’ll be presented with a card like this to remind you of your allotted time slot.

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (4)

The Cast Members have some festive Easter bags to collect your candy treasure.

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (5)

The actual egg hunts take place in the United Kingdom maze.  Don’t tell anyone, but it looks like a lot of them are hidden on TOP of the bushes.  Shhhhh!

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (6)

Kids can find eggs filled with peeps, duckies and other types of Easter treasures.

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (7)

After an exhausting egg hunt, everyone needs a pick-me-up from Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny!

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (8) Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (10)

In keeping with the tradition that began with Long-lost Friends, the Bunnies do not sign autographs, instead they present each family with a pre-signed card like the one below.

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (11) Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (12)

Another Egg Hunt opportunity takes place between Innoventions and the Universe of Energy.  The Innoventions East-er Garden will have Egg Hunts for children 3-9 every 15 minutes from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.    Guests can check in at the podium at the Innoventions East-er Garden up to 30 mins before each hunt.   Space is limited to 20 children per time slot.  There’s a similarly themed sign-up area by the Garden.

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (15)

This area doesn’t offer as much of an “Egg Hunt” as an “Egg gather.”  Anyone should be able to locate these eggs, they aren’t hidden very well 🙂
Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (14)

There’s also a few nice little kid’s carnival style games to play in the Innoventions area.  You’ll find a ring toss and a bean bag toss.  One game provided an egg and the other gave away a Goofy Cherry Lollipop like they hand out at the end of Mickey’s Boo To You Parade.

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (16) Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (17)

If you drop by the Festival Center, you might find some unique atmosphere characters that are unpublished.   When Michelle’s family visited,  it was Mr. Greenthumb and Bella, they arrive in a flowered covered golf cart.

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (18)

Limited Time Magic Spring Fling (1)