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How I got more than 3 Fastpass+ per day and Park Hopped using Fastpass+

UPDATE:  December 13, 2013  I’ve been told by a number of people that Disney has patched this issue, bu the patch just created a new issue where the app is MUCH less responsive and often locks up when someone is trying to make a change to their choices.

UPDATE:  December 9, 2013  Two different iPhone users are reporting that Disney has finally fixed this issue on iPhone.  I’ll report soon on the status of Android phones.

I’ve debated for several weeks whether or not I should post this information.  I’ve successfully used these tips on many days in the park to test it out and make sure it works every time.  It doesn’t really benefit me personally because I’m local and can ride these attractions any time I want.

A little background first.  My brother and I have designed a few apps over the last couple of years.  They started out pretty rudimentary and have gotten better as we’ve gone along.  I won’t use this post to advertise them with links, so I’m not seen as a barker.  My role has always been to design the app and create and maintain the data while my brother does all the nerdy, techie stuff that makes it work.  After we get it completed we take the apps through Alpha and Beta testing.  I’m usually the Alpha tester.  It’s my job to see if I can break the app and make sure it functions like we designed it to do.  I usually find hundreds of issues early on before sending it to willing Beta testers to see what they find.

Disney has poured a LOT of money into it’s new MyMagic+ and Fastpass+ systems (I can’t wait until the stupid + is done.  It requires too many Shift key entries).  It’s been estimated that they have spent a BILLION dollars on all kinds of improvements whether internal or on the user end.  They have been Beta testing FP+ for months in different phases and bringing different resorts online slowly, then tweaking the options available such as the tiered system now in use at Epcot and FP+ only stays at Disney World hotels.  Their Beta testers are often off duty Cast Members.

I joined the FP+ system long after others in bloggerdom and wanted to see what it was really capable of, not just use it as it’s prescribed.  Disney wants it to only allow 3 Fastpass+ per day per person and they are even restricting that further with silly “Tiers” that guests have to choose ONE really good ride and TWO not so good ones.  So, I designated myself as Disney’s unofficial and unpaid Gamma tester (Alpha, Beta, Gamma..).  After learning how to join the system with a room only stay (not Pop Century at the time of the article) and learning to use the FP+ that was available, I wanted to begin testing to see what it COULD do.  I wanted to see if I could crack it, break it, spill chili dog on it etc…  So that leads me to this post.

I visited Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and was able to use the FP+ for 6 or more attractions in one day each time and decided it was time to test the biggest beast.  No, not Be Our Guest Dinner Reservations, I decided to take on the Magic Kingdom and its 20 or more Fastpass+ options and see how many times I could use ONE Magic Band, ONE account and ONE phone to use FP+ much more than the 3 prescribed  times in ONE DAY.  Who needs Paper Fastpasses when one person can do everything in ONE DAY with Fastpass+?

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2 Million Views!


ktp iconWow, the KennythePirate blog has gone from non-existant to virtual obscurity to know by dozens of people in 19 months!  Nothing better than having dozens of friends, it’s almost as great as having dozens of donuts, but less fatty.  Seriously, I’m still blown away that the blog has taken off as much as it has.  I’m just a guy with usually bad photos, terrible prose and opinions.  I have lots of opinions though.  I’ve seen about 1.5 million page views just in 2013.  Some people told me it was a dumb idea to start a blog that mostly focuses on character information.   I was told people just don’t care that much about character meets.  Guess they were wrong, huh?  Turns out that my family isn’t the only one that loves to meet and interact with characters.

Here’s a few things we’ve learned on the blog in just over a year and a half.

1.  Animal Kingdom hates characters – We’ve seen Terk, Flik, Daisy, Miss Bunny, Thumper, Lilo & Stitch, Meeko, Timon, Jiminy Cricket and Eeyore all stop meeting regularly in the Animal Kingdom and only received Dug, Russell and Air conditioned FP+ Mickey/Minnie in return.

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KennythePirate.com goes mobile


I’m excited to announce that I’m making the blog more accessible to most types of mobile phones.  I say most because some phones or browsers may not read the mobile version correctly yet.  I’ve heard that Windows phones don’t display the mobile version well and I noticed that the Opera browser looked equally as bad in Android.  I’ve changed the layout of the character schedules to better fit the mobile experience and created all new character information pages.  The character information pages now contain a nice photo, map of the exact location, text description of the location, some meet and greet information, interaction tips and some trivia to read while you wait.  Wait?  “Who waits?” you say.  Well, we certainly wait less than others when we are prepared.

Many people have requested an iPhone version of the Character Locator app.  I’ve sent the graphics of the new design to my friend to begin working on the app, but it takes a very long time to develop and test for the iPhone.  So, I’ve taken this step of building a more mobile friendly site when it comes to schedules.  I’ll be changing the Show Schedules and will be placing it back on the top of the site and update that weekly as usual.  I’ll also work on more character touring plans and make sure they are mobile friendly.

This is what you’ll find.

After loading the site you click Menu on the upper left hand side and the drop down menu will appear.


I’ll click on Magic Kingdom schedule and it loads to appear like this:

The schedule still shows all the same data, just in a new layout with character name and location, followed by meet and greet times. If you click on a character, for example Alice, you see the layout at the top. This should enable everyone the joy of meeting characters with less waits and some great interaction tips (Which I’ll happily add to as you guys provide your thoughts).



How does this affect the standard view mode?  Actually, not much.  It does add a drop down menu that now branches out, so you can see a character’s information without needing to search for him or her.

If you click on Magic Kingdom Character Schedule, you’ll see that it appears like this:


Then click on Alice’s page and it appears like this:


It’s my goal to provide as much quality information as possible and present it in a nice looking format that’s easy to find and easy to read.  I hope I’ve met that goal and most of all hope that this new approach will help the thousands of people who use non-Android devices until we can get the iPhone version of the app created that will offer even more information and functionality.  There will no more need to print the schedules before leaving home either.  It’s 100% free too 🙂

Your thoughts are always welcome and I hope you enjoy your next trip to Walt Disney World!


All new KtP character tshirts now available.

Several people have requested and ordered some of the designs I created below, so I thought I’d blog post them so everyone can find a design they like easily.  Shirts are available for men, women and kids and come in a variety of colors of your choosing.  Your purchase helps provide for the blog’s effort to communicate great character news, schedules and photos of characters.  I appreciate your support!   KtP

This design merely says “Character” for those who see themselves as a character.

This design says “Character Hunter” for those like me who enjoy meeting Disney characters.

These shirts are great for couples who see each other as a character or individuals who like to brag about their great finds.

These shirts are great for couples who see each other as a character or individuals who like to brag about their great finds.

I heart KtP

I heart pirates

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I like pirates