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Character Locator is available for iPhone and other mobile devices.

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NOTE:  This is a web based application, it is not a “download”

We’re excited to announce that characterlocator.com is now available for subscription.  We’ve received hundreds of positive reviews and even made a few changes based on review feedback.

  • Park hours that are updated as they change,
  • FULL character schedules,
  • FULL show schedules,
  • Rides with descriptions and when it’s best to ride
  • Dining menus with prices for all four parks.

In addition users have access to information for

  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – includes characters, shows, available rides with waits, available dining and dates
  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – includes characters, shows, available rides with waits, available dining and dates
  • All Character meals
  • A list of Rare characters that you might find in Walt Disney World
  • Star Wars Weekends information!

There’s NO app on the market that packs this much information into your mobile device.  We’ve invested hundreds of hours into building this app and update it every Saturday night to make sure you have current, fresh information at your fingertips!

ktp iconBut Kenny, why isn’t it in the iTunes or Android market?  We desired to build something that can be updated on a moment’s notice.  If something changes at the parks, we can respond immediatley to make the change.  Static apps like iTunes and Google Play don’t allow us the flexibility to provide you the BEST service possible.

Here’s how you can create an APP ICON that will allow you to click directly from the home screen on your iPhone:

“While the page is open in the Safari browser, click the rectangle with the arrow to the left of the address bar and choose ‘Add page to home screen.”

www.characterlocator.com can be purchased using your Paypal account or any major credit card in a secure transaction.  You can preview 5 items on each page without purchasing to see how great the app really is.

CharacterLocator.com testing information

mobile siteUsually I post photos of characters, events and such.  Today I thought I’d share some feedback we are receiving on our new CharacterLocator.com mobile site testing.  The above photo was from my friend Susan who has tested the response times so much that she’s worn a divot into her finger :0  Thank her when you thank the Phoenicians!

This app will be FAR more than just character meets, we are offering park hours, character meets (schedule, tips, I Met tracker, Share), show schedules, rides (still completing our wait time/fastpass script), dining menus, special event info, character dining and more to come.

We’re working through each issue as it’s presented and keeping a running file on the testing site for our testers to know that their issues are being addressed.  We still have a number of things to resolve, but we’re getting much closer each day.

Here’s some actual comments from Character Locator Beta Testers:

“Parks and characters load immediately.  I really like the Tips section.  Love the Dining section with prices.”

“It is wonderful.    Everything on the site was loading within 1-3 seconds on my iPhone 4S.  Mostly within a second.”

“Site looks great. Load times are fast, when I open an area that had not been previously viewed I would say it loads within a second. Then when I load something that has been previously viewed it opens it almost instantly. Love the tips section specific to each character!”

“Just did the initial loads and reloads, 3 seconds on the first load and then 1-2 on the second (wow that’s fast!)”

“Tested again all pages loading within seconds, working great!”

“Hey Kenny!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the app!!!  Super fast load time. 2-3 seconds max!!!!  Great job!!!”

“I tested the site this afternoon on my phone, and it worked great! Everything loaded instantly for me. When I click on hours for each park, it loaded a bit slower, like maybe 3-4 seconds.  This app will be great for our trip! ”

“Used 3G with iPhone 4S at AK today. Main AK page loaded in about a second, same on reload. Other pages under AK including character pages were about 3-5 seconds. ”

“It’s great!!!!  Now I wish I was waking up in FL with ears 😦  Very user friendly & not slow on my phone.”

“Under a second for most pages! I have been testing off and on all day on wifi and most pages are up in less then 2 seconds.”

“This is amazing.   Loving this!!  This seems to be all the info I look for in a quick easy to use app.”

Are you as excited as me to see Character Locator PRO coming to other mobile platforms?  Get to help so many more people enjoy the parks like I do!