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Revised date for Pete’s tent and Ariel’s grotto


The revised soft opening date for Pete’s Silly Sideshow character meet tent is Thursday, October 4. This will feature Minnie & Daisy together from one line and Donald & Goofy together from another line.  Chip n Dale will move to Frontierland and the characters in the tent will cease their other meets at Magic Kingdom. 

Ariel’s Grotto soft opening date is tentatively set for October 12th.  You’ll be able to see her in her fins, but Eric will not be present.

Cast Member previews for New Fantasyland are scheduled for October 22-November 2. 

Annual passholder previews should be the two weekends following.

Pete’s Silly Sideshow Rumors Confirmed!

The beautiful exterior of the all new Pete’s Silly Sideshow
The Disney Parks Blog just announced a confirmation of the rumors that I’ve been listing for a while  that Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Minnie will relocate into Pete’s Silly Sideshow and even included some great artwork!  The new costumes and meet areas look to be amazing!The all new character meet area will offer two separate lines that guests can enter.  One line will lead you to Minnie Magnifique and Daisy the Fortuneteller, while the other line will offer meets with The Great Goofini and The Astounding Donaldo (was previously going to be called Amazing.  You can still see the word Amazing in his artwork).Mickey Mouse will continue to offer meet and greets in the Town Square Theater.The obvious question would be:  Where is Pete?  It is his sideshow after all.Rumors point to mid to late October soft openings with actual public opening in November.

Meet Minnie Magnifique!

Meet Daisy the Gypsy Fortuneteller

Meet The Great Goofini – I love the nod to Evel Knievel!

Meet The Astounding Donaldo – watch out for the snakes though! (Notice it still states Amazing in the title)

Flat image of Entrance Area
Here’s an out take from the Disney Parks Blog post:“Many of you have been asking for details on what’s happening in the big-top tents in the Storybook Circus area of New Fantasyland. I’m happy to share that one tent will house Pete’s Silly Sideshow character greetings, a place where guests can meet some of their favorite Disney circus stars who wait to show off their special talents.Once inside the tent, guests have two options: Join a line that leads to Minnie Magnifique (Minnie Mouse as a circus star) and Madame Daisy Fortuna (Daisy Duck as a fortuneteller), or head to see The Great Goofini (Goofy as a daredevil stunt pilot) and The Astounding Donaldo (Donald Duck as a snake charmer).”Here’s a list of the threads that I mentioned Pete’s Silly Sideshow.First mentioned:  http://kennythepirate.com/2012/04/19/character-rumor-round-up/Detailed actual characters:  http://kennythepirate.com/2012/04/27/new-fantasyland-opening-early/VIP costumes:  http://kennythepirate.com/2012/07/28/rumor-petes-silly-sideshow-to-introduce-new-vip-costumes/

Rumor: Pete’s Silly Sideshow to introduce new VIP costumes

 When Pete’s Silly Sideshow was first seen on concept art people assumed it would be some type of small scale show in one of the new tents.  Later it was told that it would only be a meet and greet location.  Speculation ensued that we might find classic characters that now appear on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like Pete, Clarabelle, Clara Cluck or the Big Bad Wolf.  Lately, the rumors are pointing to all new VIP costumes for Goofy, Donald, Daisy & Minnie to fit the Circus theme.  I mentioned this rumor as it began back in April (http://kennythepirate.com/2012/04/19/character-rumor-round-up/)  It would take some popular characters out of the heat (which is becoming more common with Animal Kingdom) and place them in a new air conditioned area that potentially could offer FASTPASS 2 for guests.  So, how might these characters appear in the new tent?How about:The Great Goofini – stand back as he is being shot from a cannon or flying a plane

Tight wire walking Minnie – she handles the lack of marriage proposal well, should be able to walk on another wire!

Snake Charming Donald – he’s quite the charmer!.

Gypsy Daisy – she already is a bit of a vamp.  She’ll tell your fortune!  Perhaps she could get Disney to bring Esmerelda back too???

When MIGHT this begin opening to the public?  Everyone has heard that the tents will be open by “the holidays,” but I’ve heard that the tents might open as early as mid-october, which would mean I’ll have to drive back down again, huh?  I think I should just move to Orlando!