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Meeting Madagascar, Sesame Street and other characters at Busch Gardens Tampa

My family and I ventured over to Busch Gardens in Tampa to ride all the great thrill rides and meet the characters.  On the thrill ride front, my son said Busch is his favorite park for the coasters.  They have a wide variety of them and they all have varying experiences.  If you’d like me to share photos, info, touring ideas on Busch Gardens, just let me know in the comments of the post.

Today’s post is about the characters!  To be honest, I was pretty geeked out when I heard a while back that King Julian and Gloria were meetable characters at Busch Gardens.  I love King Julian from the Madagascar movies.  He is one of the wittiest characters around and has a bit of sass to him.  Gloria is awesome because she’s “chunky.”  You’ll need to watch the second movie to understand that reference.  We went to check out the live stage show, Madagascar Live – Operation Vacation, and hoped to meet the characters afterward.  The show was a lot of fun, but the character meet and greet was a bit awkward. We found this to be true with the set location for Sesame Street characters too.  It’s awkward because they ask you to stand waaaayyy off to the side to take your photo.  They are trying so hard to sell you the one that their photographer takes that they aren’t very accommodating and at the King Julian crew meet, the person was downright rude.  It was an unexpected disappointment to otherwise meeting great characters.  We are accustomed to Disney World and Universal offering photos with their cameras and they are always very accommodating and even willing to use your camera.

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