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Gaston offers a moment of his valuable time.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview none other than the great Gaston. He was quick to inform me that no one is admired as much as he in this village. People seem impressed with large necks and dimpled chins in France.  I asked if we could begin the interview with a spitting match, but he said he hadn’t been drinking enough water lately and is a little cotton-mouthed.  He said to be careful of the popcorn cart made by Belle’s father.  He said to focus on “real man’s food” at his Tavern.

Only true fans understand the deep contemplications and ponderizings of Gaston.
Only true fans understand the deep contemplications and ponderizings of Gaston.  When I asked him what books he had read lately, he said he prefers the movie over the book.  “Books are for bakers to help them cook delicious cinnamon rolls.  Have you tried one of my cinnamon rolls.   They are almost as large as my brain!”

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Ariel returns to fins and Gaston moves in.

Ariel in fins photo @crushinator twitter feed.

Ariel has moved into her new Grotto today (officially soft opening) and Gaston began meeting guests in New Fantasyland as well.  The new Little Mermaid ride is open as well as Gaston’s Tavern.  The only portion of New Fantasyland that isn’t open, but is complete is Be Our Guest restaurant.  It will be quite a while before the Seven Dwarves Mine Train opens and the new Princess Hall will not open until 2013.

With Ariel relocating and Gaston beginning to meet day guests, Eric is no longer meeting guests at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World news in brief

I thought I might start a simple Disney news in review column that I’ll feature from time to time to keep everyone informed on of all the goings on in the Disney blogosphere.  I’ll pick out information that could assist you with your planning or enhance your experience.

1.  Gaston confirmed for New Fantasyland

As I announced earlier today, Gaston has been confirmed to begin meeting in New Fantasyland.  The Disney Parks blog announced that his first offical day will be November 19th, but he may appear sporadically prior to that date.

2.  Test Track to reopen December 6th

The all-new Tronesque Test Track complete with “sim cars” will reopen to the public on December 6th. The new version will feature an interactive queue that allows guests to design their own car before taking it out on the track.   Attractions like this typically undergo soft openings to allow for a test and adjust period and train the new Cast Members.  That typically begins a week or two before the announced opening.

3.  Upcoming attraction Refurbs

Splash mountain to undergo refurb.  According to the Disney Parks calendar, it appears that Splash mountain will be closed from February 1 – March 19, 2013 in order to undergo it’s annual refurbishment.

Studio Backlot Tour – Closed For Refurbishment [ Monday, October 08 – Friday, November 16 ]
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin – Closed For Refurbishment [ Thursday, October 18 – Thursday, October 25 ]
Country Bear Jamboree – Closed For Refurbishment [ Monday, October 01 – Tuesday, October 16 ]
The Boneyard – Closed For Refurbishment [ Wednesday, October 24 – Thursday, October 25 ]
Typhoon Lagoon – Closed for Refurbishment  [ Sunday, October 28 – Saturday, January 05 ]

4.  Fantasyland Passholder Preview sign up date changed. 

Annual Passholders were supposed to be allowed to sign up for previews of the new Fantasyland area on Monday, October 8th, but the date for sign ups was delayed until Monday, October 15th at Noon EDT.

Actual preview dates will be
Saturday, November 3, 2012
8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, November 10, 2012
8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Sunday, November 11, 2012
8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Enchanted Tales With Belle Itinerary:

  • Take a tour of Be Our Guest RestaurantBe Our Guest Restaurant
  • Ride on Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Experience Enchanted Tales with Belle

Ariel’s Grotto Itinerary:

  • Take a tour of Be Our Guest RestaurantBe Our Guest Restaurant
  • Ride on Under the Sea — Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Take photos and receive autographs from Ariel

5.  Characters in Flight is aloft again.

The new Characters in Flight balloon is aloft again taking guests high in the sky over Downtown Disney.

The cost is:
$18 Adult (including tax) – ages 10 and up
$12 Children (including tax) – Guests ages 3 – 9
Free –  2 and under

6. Pete’s Silly Sideshow opens to park guests.

You can now meet Daisy/Minnie or Donald/Goofy in their circus attire on a daily basis from park open to close each day.  Fastpass distribution for Dumbo and Barnstormer Goofy were relocated into the 3rd tent next to Pete’s.  Pulling a Dumbo Fastpass will also get you a “Surprise Fastpass” for Philharmagic.  One can retrieve a Dumbo Fastpass, and immediately  get a Fastpass for Barnstormer as well.  Lines for the female characters is longer than their male counterparts.

7.  FREE Wi-Fi continues roll out at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios became the third park to offer free guest in-park Wi-Fi.  The Animal Kingdom is currently the only park of the big 4 that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi.  I prefer my Verizon 4G Razr Maxx, but hey their Wi-Fi doesn’t ding your data plan.

8.  New room only and package discounts released.

Room Only

Save up to 35% on stays at select Disney resorts, most nights January 2 – March 7, 2013(Excluding January 18-20)

  • Value resorts 15%-25% off
  • Moderate resorts 30% off
  • Deluxe and Deluxe Villa resorts 25%-35% off

Package discounts

“Play, Stay and Dine” is being offered for  select dates between January 2 and March 7, 2013.  The word Dine is included in the offer, but it is NOT the typical Free Dining offer.

Gaston confirmed for New Fantasyland and our interaction

Gaston at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – September 2012

The Disney Parks blog has confirmed the news that we’ve been reporting since August. Gaston will be meeting in New Fantasyland near Gaston’s Tavern.  When my daughter and I met him at the Villains Bash, we asked him how he prefers his eggs.  He told us he loves a good egg smoothie with a hint of cinnamon.  But it must contain 5 dozen eggs.  His new tavern will be selling cinnamon rolls, be sure to ask if they offer the 5 dozen egg smoothie!  Tell ’em KtP sent you.

Gaston at the Villains Bash – September 2012
Copyright Disney

Rundown of possible September 30th Disney World character changes

Animal Kingdom

Update:  Pooh characters remain in their place and Camp Minnie Mickey will stay at least until Fall 2013

Rumors have been that Winnie the Pooh an the Hundred Acre Wood characters will be removed from the Animal Kingodm.  This move is to provide space for some of the  characters from Camp Minnie Mickey while the new Bazaar area is being constructed.


  • Marie will definitely move to Magic Kingom.
  • Beast has been heavily rumored to be removed from Epcot  but the date is unconfirmed (plausible)
  • Stitch  will need to move or be removed at some point to make room for construction to begin on the new Epcot Character Spot, which is right behind where these characters currently meet.

Hollywood Studios

  • Mrs. Incredible will be retired from the scheduled meet at Magic of Animation.  Mr. Incredible will then meet only with Frozone.
  • Winnie the Pooh will definitely leave the Magic of Animation in order for the area to be remodeled into Wreck-it Ralph’s new meet area.  Rumors have it that Winnie and the gang might be leaving the park, but that is unconfirmed (but highly plausible).  It is known that two character attendant positions will be cut from the next budget, so the assumption is that it is the Pooh characters that are being cut.  Stitch would make good sense to me, because he is the least popular of all the hat characters.

Magic Kingdom

  • Pete’s Silly Sideshow will begin soft openings. Daisy, Minnie, Goofy and Donald will relocate to join the circus and take on all new costumes in this brand-new indoor character meet area.
  • Marie the cat will relocate from France in Epcot to the Magic Kingdom flag pole.  She will take Daisy’s vacant spot and meet next to Pluto.
  • Prince Eric  will be retired from the schedule and will no longer meet at the Adventueland Verandah.  Ariel will continue to meet alone until she moves to her new Grotto and takes on fins again.
  •  Chip n Dale will move from Tomorrowland to Frontierland to fill Donald’s vacant spot.
  • At this point it appears that Goofy’s spot at Pirates of the Caribbean may go unfilled.

Beast (Dinner only Be Our Guest)  and Gaston (regular in park meets) will be added to New Fantasyland once the area opens to guests in November.

There could be additional changes coming to which I’m not privy

Walt Disney World Character Rumor Round-up. Much to discuss today!

It’s a really busy time at Walt Disney World in the rumor department.  Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween characters are currently training in multiple parks, so that always adds to the chatter.  I’ve tried to track down as many rumors and potential for said rumors as I can, but some things are difficult to verify due to how early some of them may be.  Management could just be talking about potential moves, but haven’t actually formulated the plan for example.  Changes can always be made right up to the last second as well.  The official line is, “Entertainment is subject to change without notice.”  That’s why you may show up at 9:20 to see Mary Poppins on Main Street, but she doesn’t appear on a given day.

With that said here is a rumor round-up of things I’ve read and been told in Walt Disney World.  Let’s start with the Magic Kingdom and we’ll tackle it alphabetically.

Magic Kingdom

Ariel – When her new grotto is completed in New Fantasyland, Ariel will return to fin form to meet guests daily.  Bring those dinglehoppers and snarfblats to enjoy your time with her.  I’m making an assumption that Eric will not meet with her, as he didn’t in the old grotto. (Ariel move will happen)

Beast – I’ve been hearing chatter that Beast may appear for photo opportunity during dinner ONLY.  Beast would not be moving table to table, but he would have a stationary location somewhere in the general dining area.  It wouldn’t be billed as “character dining.” I first heard of this from TubaGeek on wdwmagic in July.  The all new Be Our Guest Restaurant is said to look amazing.  The restaurant will be counter service during the day and serve fine French inspired food in the evening.  August 20th  at 7:00 a.m. is the date/time to begin booking your dining reservations by phone for November 19th.  August 22nd will be the beginning date to book online.  (Likely)

Belle – Belle’s new story area will be located inside the library of Beast’s castle.  She will take a few minutes to explain her time with Beast.  Belle will not sign autographs at this location.   I believe this is so they can reset more quickly for the next show.  She will continue to sign at other locations including France and character dining.  (Will happen)

Chip n Dale – Once Donald relocates to the new Pete’s Silly Sideshow area, Chip n Dale will be moving into his spot frontierland.  Hopefully, they will be in cowboy gear like a ten gallon hat and scarf? (Likely)

Gaston – Gaston will begin offering daily meet and greets in New Fantasyland near Gaston’s Tavern.  This is exciting news because he was previously only available during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or for training meets. (Will happen)

Hook and Smee – I’ve heard that Hook and Smee would take over the Pirates of the Caribbean meeting area after Goofy departs for Pete’s Silly Sideshow.  This is not a definite yet, but more of a 50/50 possibility. (Maybe)

Lone Ranger – The Lone Ranger and/or Tonto may offer meet and greets or a Captain Jack’s style small scale show.  It’s much too far from the spring 2013 movie date to know anything definite. (Who really knows?)

Marie – With Daisy leaving the flag pole to join Pete’s Silly Sideshow , Marie will move from France to join the Magic Kingdom crew.  The timing is fortuitous because The Aristocats is now on Blu-ray as well. (Will happen)

Minnie – Once Pete’s Silly Sideshow is complete, Minnie will leave Mickey to join the circus!  I tried to warn him that my son would steal her away.  (Will happen)

Periwinkle – Periwinkle will be joining her sister Tinker Bell in September at Tink’s Nook.  Expect her appearance in the Magic Kingdom by mid-september (I’ve heard the 17th).  Expect her to pop up for training from time to time previously in unlisted locations. (Will happen)

Pete’s Silly Sideshow – We’ve covered that pretty well already.  A quick reminder is that Daisy, Minnie, Donald and Goofy will relocate here this fall. (Will happen)

Princesses – The new Princess Fairy Tale Hall isn’t scheduled to open until at least 2013, but the Princesses will receive a makeover with some new hairstyles, dresses and shoes to match with their individually themed areas. (Will happen)


Beast –  I’ve heard chatter that Beast will be leaving Epcot when he moves to dinner at the Magic Kingdom.  (Likely)

Daisy  – I’ve heard that Daisy would be relocated into the Character Spot.  A couple of different CMs have said that isn’t happening also.  The Character Spot will undergo major reconstruction to transform it to allow for Fastpass.  I’ve heard that some characters will meet in the back hallway while construction is done in two phases. (Likely – she will at minimum relocate somewhere or at worst be eliminated from Epcot)

Donald – Donald is leaving Character Spot but he will remain in Mexico for meet and greets.  In the short term that would mean that Donald would have no meet and greets in his traditional blue sailor suit.  Even Donald’s three character meals offer him in a different costume.  (Will happen)

Stitch – Stitch will be relocated somewhere in Future World.  The last thing we need is Stitch taking over the China pavilion! (Likely)


Mrs. Incredible – I read  (Drew81 and Yzma) that Mrs. Incredible will be leaving Hollywood Studios and be retired from the schedule, but will she continue to appear in the daily parade?  I know it’s becoming more difficult to find slender friends for her.  That’s one of the reasons Flik was retired. (Likely)

Wreck-it Ralph – Ralph is supposed to appear at Hollywood Studios this fall, supplanting Winnie the Pooh.  That would mean that Pooh would rejoin the hat characters in the morning. (Likely)

Agent P – Drew81 reported a while back that Agent P would soon be joining Phineas and Ferb at their meet and greet.  I heard from many people that said it would ruin the story line, but Agent P had already appeared with the boys, at least twice on Disney property. (Probable)

Jake and the Neverland Pirates meal – It appears that this meal isn’t going to happen any time soon.  It took them a couple years to get Manny and Jake into the parks, no surprise that there isn’t any hurry.  I think by re-theming the meal, they would boost income, but I don’t run the park. (No time soon)


Camp Minnie Mickey will be closing to make way for Avatar Land.  I’ve heard that this will take place in January, 2013.  I think Avatar Land will be beautiful, but don’t see the merchandising ability for this that Cars Land or Harry Potter have created.  But Disney is moving forward with Pocatar Gully anyway, which means that The Festival of the Lion King will close and all the furry animals will need to scurry for cover while they burn the place to the ground.  Oh sorry, that was a little Pocahontas of me, huh?  This park will have very few characters AND very few attractions.  2 hours in Animal Kingdom and you’re done for the next few years.  (Will happen)

Winnie the Pooh – According to Drew81 and Yzma the Winnie the Pooh characters will either be relocated to the new meet area at the Bazaar or they will be removed entirely from Animal Kingdom.  Some of the Camp Minnie Mickey Characters like Donald, Minnie and Mickey will relocate to the boat dock. (Likely to relocate or be removed entirely)

I haven’t heard what will become of poor Pocahontas.  Hopefully, they will find a nearby trail with a nice tree to meet her.


Swampy – Swamp is a tough one.  My friends are telling me that the mini-site www.swampyatdisney.com is merely a connection to the popular Where’s My Water? game.  My only doubt arrives because the site is set up in the “events” category on the website AND because Swampy mentions Blizzard Beach, but the game doesn’t yet have any Blizzard Beach connections.  We’ll have to wait and see if Swampy actually appears. (Curious?)

Wow!  That was one long Rumor Round-up  23 rumors down.  Sure to have more to come!

New character rumors for Magic Kingdom and Epcot

(Rumors until officially confirmed by Disney of course)

It’s been a great, busy week in the character world.  We’ve received confirmation and artwork for Pete’s Silly Sideshow and heard that Gaston will join the Enchanted Forest crew and reminded you that Ariel will move back to fin form as well.

Well, I have received more exciting news for the Magic Kingdom.  Marie is said to be moving from Epcot to Magic Kingdom to take Daisy’s spot at the flag pole, Chip n Dale will relocate to Donald’s spot in Frontierland (reported previously) and Captain Hook and Mr. Smee will return to take over Goofy’s spot at the Pirate’s ride!

I have read on another character blog that Beast would leave Epcot to move to Magic Kingdom, but that rumor seems to have no credence for meet and greets.

The Princesses will receive a grand new makeover with new dresses, hairstyles and shoes when their new area opens in 2013.  Could we hope for Aurora as Briar Rose???

Donald will leave the character spot in Epcot and Daisy will move into that spot.  Donald will remain Mexico.  Stitch is said to be relocating to a yet unknown location.

Enjoy your character hunting made easier!

Gaston to offer meet and greets in New Fantasyland Enchanted Forest

 There’s great news for character hunters!  Gaston from the hit movie Beauty and the Beast will begin offering meet and greets once the new Enchanted Forest section of New Fantasyland opens.  Previously, Gaston was only to meet available during last year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or pop up surprise meets in Epcot.