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Easter Grand Floridan character meet and greets 2014

We started out our Easter meet plan with the goal of hoping to meet Mickey and Minnie in their purple formal attire.  We thought we’d park at the TTC and take the monorail over.  We arrived before 8:00am with the goal of being on the Grand Floridian lawn by 8:15am.  Well, all didn’t go as planned.  As we prepared to board the resort monorail, we were told there would be a minor delay to do a “maintenance test.”  The train sat there for a couple of minutes, then we all boarded.  It moved back and forth a few times, made a really odd braking noise and then it totally powered off.

We sat there with no power for a couple of minutes and they re-booted the system.  We thought we were ready to go.  We moved a few feet forward and they reopened the doors and allowed more people to board.  After a few more minutes we finally moved a short distance.  The train would start, then stop, then start…

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