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No more “nags” on the Character Locator app

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We’ve heard from some people that they don’t like the “constant nagging” to purchase the free app. We are changing the reminder structure that requests one to purchase the app.  You’ll only be notified once on the disclaimer screen that the app is available for upgrade, then we are also going to move to a premium structure for lack of a better word.  If someone is willing to pay for an otherwise free app, they should receive benefits that others don’t receive including zero ads and zero pop ups.  We are also going to place certain content as available to subscribers only including Hard Ticket Parties, Character Meals, Rare Characters, your actual characters met list and we’re currently working on search capabilities and plan to add a full array of interactive character touring plans for all the parks.

Planning for character meets is actually as important or sometimes more important than planning for rides.  There’s currently only 1 location that offers Fastpass for characters, so we all have to stand in line.   I’ll give you a few examples:

June 2011 on a busy June day we met at all available 22 character locations in the Magic Kingdom as a part of a day that included 75 total attractions.  Our average character wait including Rapunzel, all Princesses, Buzz, Woody and Tink among others was 7.4 minutes.

April 2011 the busy week after Easter – 4 of us completed an Ultimate Tour of Hollywood Studios that included 20 character meets with every operating ride, show and parade.  Our average character wait was 3.55 minutes.  Our average wait overall was 2.65 minutes.

November 2010 on Veteran’s weekend I did an Ultimate Tour of Animal Kingdom that included 47 total attractions with 18 character meets.  My average wait for characters was 2.44 minutes.

In May 2012 my 8 year old daughter and I set out to meet as many characters in one day across 4 parks.  We met 71 total characters, 68 in different costumes, 60 unique characters in 43 meet locations while using Disney transportation.  Our average queue wait was 6.16 minutes.

I’m not just a guy that walks by and takes a photo of a character in passing.  My family and I love characters, we’ve met over 200 different ones in the last 8 years and we wait in lines just like you do and have done so on some of the busiest days of the year with no line cutting, double queuing or extra assistance from Cast Members.  Others may be much more effective at letting you know crowd levels or estimating ride waits or Fastpass returns, but few people can claim they know character touring as well.  Not trying to sound braggadocios, just saying that you’re getting a quality product from someone who knows about meeting characters and unless someone copies the schedules on this blog, no one else offers a full public schedule.

$1.99 is a small price to pay to wait less for characters, support our efforts and it’s less than 1/100 of 1%  in consideration of the cost of a Walt Disney World vacation that begins in the thousands of dollars, but we’ve heard your appeal and we’ve removed the “nag” screens.

Disney World Character Locator App

The Disney World Character Locator app is currently available for Android devices.  Free download.  Upgrade for only $1.49 to remove ads and see all the extra features.