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Professor Parker Woodson and his pet Velociraptor to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park will begin a test presentation of a new character-type interactive experience in Dinoland USA. The test is said to begin April 19 and continue for at least two weeks. The test involves Professor Parker Woodson and his “pet” velociraptor known as “V.” I’m not sure how one raises a raptor as a pet, but I guess we’ll find out. I sure hope it’s not just the guy that works at Restaurantasaurus who walks around creeping people out with the little puppet thing.

If they are looking for some really cool area entertainment in Dinoland, they should just bring back Lucky the Dinosaur. He was awesome!

D23 Convention, Lucky the Dinosaur
I had seen shows that talked about Lucky the Dinosaur, but had never seen him in any of the parks. I had the joy of meeting him at the first D23 convention in Aneheim in 2009. His movements and sound made him appear very life-like.

Or they could bring back Roxie and TRex!

Walt Disney World Characters, Animal Kingdom Characters, Dinoland, Roxie, TRex
2006 – Rosie and TRex. These great dinosaur characters used to offer meet and greets in Dinoland before going into extinction!

I’ll head over later in the week to check this out and report back. Let’s hope it’s not just puppet guy. I’ll see if I can learn his show times.