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How to get difficult Fastpass+ reservations from My Disney Experience

NOTE:  EVERY person that plans to enter the line must have a pre-reserved Fastpass+, even if they don’t plan to take part in the photo opportunity.

This could be really easy to understand or I could blow it big time 🙂

Kelly wrote me to ask why she couldn’t find Fastpass+ (FP+) reservations for her group of 5 to meet Anna and Elsa in May even though she is within her 60 day window for guests staying at a Disney resort.  I recommended using a strategy that I used yesterday afternoon at Hollywood Studios to get Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror and Star Tours in the afternoon when Rock n Roller Coaster didn’t have group availability.

Here’s what you can do:

Book reservations for ONE person, then either COPY those reservations to one or more at a time or continue to book them ONE PERSON AT A TIME until you get them all regardless of the return time.  You could then play with the times a bit.  It’s easier to adjust the times on a computer than it is a phone though.  You might need to move a person’s return time up or down a bit to find a range that a group could use for entry.

I recommended the Copy or Single book strategy to Kelly who was able to find the following reservations to meet Anna and Elsa on her desired date.

  • 1 person for 2:55 – 3:55
  • 2 people for 3:05 – 4:05
  • 2 people for 3:25 – 4:25

She asked what her return range would be if they entered as an entire group.  I stated that the return range would be 3:25-3:55 pm.  The reason is because the group can’t enter together until the LAST person is available (3:25) and the group can only enter as late as the FIRST person (3:55) in the group.

With that stated, you are allowed to enter 5 minutes early and usually are allowed to enter up to 10 minutes late at each FP+ reservation.  So, the theoretical range for this group is 3:20-4:05pm, but I wouldn’t guarantee the late arrival time, as it is subject to the Cast Member allowing entry.

It’s a lot of work to find those little crumbs some times, but it’s worth it if your family REALLY wants to do an attraction that isn’t showing availability.

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