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RUMOR: Doc McStuffins to begin appearing in “early 2014”

As far as I’m aware, Drew81 broke the news last week on a web forum that Doc McStuffins will be coming to Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in early 2014.  He didn’t provide an actual date and the thread failed to mention that Doc McStuffins will be an exclusive character for Hollywood and Vine character breakfast and lunch.  She will take the place of one of the other characters in the rotation, likely Agent OSO (sorry) or June.  I’ll let you know when I hear the proposed date that she will begin and other details.  I wouldn’t want anyone to book an expensive meal just with the hope that she might appear.  Of course, you could always cancel by midnight the night before your reservation with no penalty.

I’ve also heard that we should expect Doc to appear in the Walt Disney World Christmas parade, the segment is supposed to be filmed this Saturday.

Doc McStuffins as she appeared for her mobile tour.
Doc McStuffins as she appeared for her mobile tour.

Chip n Dale relocated at Animal Kingdom


Chip n Dale have relocated from Camp Minnie Mickey to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  Evidently chipmunks are the first creatures to sense the future destruction of Camp Minnie Mickey.  Those guys should warn the other characters of the impending doom.  At least it gives character hunters two reasons to visit this very out of the way place.

Oh, someone should tell WDW that all the Animal Kingdom characters are apparently still asleep at 1:30pm according to “My Disney Experience.”

At least “Mobile Magic” knows that the chipmunks are awake, but doesn’t tell you when you can meet them.


Update on Wreck-it Ralph character to begin appearing at Hollywood Studios


I reported on April 19 that Wreck-it Ralph would begin appearing this fall.  According to sources it will only be Wreck-it Ralph.   Fix-it Felix may not be making the cut for a character appearance.  The rumor still points to a mid-october opening at Hollywood Studios.  The new movie is scheduled to begin November 2.  I’m still hearing that Winne the Pooh will return to meet around the hat in the mornings and Ralph would have a new set in that location in the Magic of Animation.

Here’s a trailer to help you understand this new character:


Here’s Disney’s new mini site: