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Magic Kingdom Entertainment Schedule

Kenny the Pirate’s Magic Kingdom Times Guide

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mk_captain_jack_pirate_tutorial.jpg Capt Jack’s Pirate Tutorial  
Location: Adventure Land – Across from Pirates  
mk_caseys_corner_pianist.jpg Casey’s Corner Piano Player  
Location: Main St – Casey’s Corner  
mk_celebrate_the_magic.jpg Celebrate the Magic  
Location: Hub or Main St   
mk_dapper_dans.jpg Dapper Dans  
Location: Main St  
mk_dream_along_mickey.jpg Dream Along w Mickey  
Location: Castle Stage  
mk_festival_of_fantasy_parade.jpg Festival of Fantasy Parade  
Location: Frontierland to Main St  
mk_flag_retreat.jpg Flag Retreat  
Location: Town Square Flag Pole  
mk_main_st_electrical_parade.jpg Main St Electric Parade  
Location: Parade Route   
mk_main_st_philharmonic.jpg Main St Philharmonic  
Location: Storybook Circus  
mk_main_st_philharmonic.jpg Main St Philharmonic  
Location: Main Street  
mk_welcome_show.jpg MK Welcome Show  
Location: Entry just inside the gates  
mk_move_it_shake_it.jpg Move it, Shake it Street Party  
Location: Castle Hub  
mk_banjo_brothers.jpg Notorious Banjo Brothers & Bob  
Location: Frontier Land  
mk_royal_majesty_makers.jpg Royal Majesty Makers  
Location: Fantasy Land  
mk_giggle_gang.jpg Storybook Giggle Gang  
Location: MK: Storybook  
mk_wishes.jpg Wishes Fireworks Show  
Location: Main Street  


Show schedules are updated Saturday nights for the following week.  Click on a title for the full schedule.

26 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Entertainment Schedule”

  1. Do you have any information about when the Festival of Fantasy parade will be starting? The Disney Parks blog just says March and I’m going March 7-12. Also, would they train characters in Epcot for this or no since it is a parade? Thanks!!


  2. I heard there is some new shows in Fantasy Land…A Beauty and the Beast show and something with Ariel? We are going in October and have a princess fanatic! Any info? Thanks 🙂


  3. Do you have any idea how long the Flag Retreat is going to be down for refurbishment?
    I just told my husband about it last week (we’ve always missed it before) and he was really excited about it.
    We leave on the 13th for our trip.


      1. Thanks! It’s likely that it will be up and running again by the time we get to the Magic Kingdom later in the week. I’m relieved


  4. Any idea why Move It Shake It is only scheduled for 1 time this week. It overlaps with our dinner ADR and sad to miss it.



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