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Animal Kingdom Entertainment Schedule

KennythePirate’s Animal Kingdom Times Guide

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Show schedules are updated Saturday nights for the following week

Click on a title for this week’s schedule

ak_burudika_band.jpg Burudika Band  
Location: Africa  
ak_chakaranadi.jpg Chakranadi  
Location: Asia   
ak_divine.jpg DiVine in Oasis  
Location: Oasis – on right just past Stroller rentals  
ak_dj_anaan.jpg DJ Anaan  
Location: Asia   
ak_festival_of_lion_king.jpg Festival of the Lion King  
Location: Africa Harambe Theater  
ak_finding_nemo_the_musical.jpg Finding Nemo the Musical  
Location: Theater in the Wild  
ak_flights_of_wonder.jpg Flights of Wonder  
Location: Asia  
ak_gitar_dan.jpg Gi-Tar Dan  
Location: Rafiki’s Planet Watch  
ak_tam_tam_congo.jpg Tam Tam Drummers of Harambe  
Location: Africa Stage  
ak_viva_gaia.jpg Viva Gaia Street Band  
Location: Discovery Island   

9 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom Entertainment Schedule”

  1. Hi Kenny thanks for all the info , we love the DJ Annan show at animal it’s great fun and really unique lot of people dance and having fun we me and my famil just kept dancing the whole time what’s great idea Disney had its great to have a show with guest dancing.


  2. Hi Kenny, I see you have times for character dance party Mon., Tue., Wed., and Sat. Are they having it Thurs., Fri, and Sun. We were planning on going Sunday. Thanks.



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