Best Hollywood Studios Map, KennythePirate map

Hollywood Studios Map

KennythePirate’s Hollywood Studios  Map with rides, shopping, dining and character locations

Attractions Characters Entertainment Hours
 Map Menus Touring  

KennythePirate Disney World Character Locator

Directions to print this map:

  1. Click the map below for full size image.
  2. Save the image to your computer.
  3. Open image from your Download folder and click print.

Hollywood Studios Character Location Map KennythePirate

4 thoughts on “Hollywood Studios Map”

  1. Dear Mr. Pirate :: Nice map. One hint, ALWAYS, orient theme park maps w/ entrance at 6 o’clock position (bottom centre.) Easier for guests. I was Disney Imagineer for nearly decade. On team that created Disney-MGM Studios (Disney Hollywood Studios.) Headed concept team: Hotel Mel (Brooks): Tower of Terror.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, but current maps from Disney themselves aren’t oriented at 6 either 🙂 It will be a long time before I would take the time to totally re-orient them. Great to have positive feedback from a man of your esteem!


  2. Kenny why on the Star Wars weekend map you put that Mr. Pinguin wil be at the animation studio with daisy and stitch etc. look on the map of star wars weekend. want to know if Mr. Pinguin will be there



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