star wars weekends guide

Star Wars Weekends Guide

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Star Wars Weekends Guide
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“Join the rebellion”

Star Wars Weekends offers a number of special character meet and greets that don’t usually occur outside of these dates, special shows, autograph sessions with actual Star Wars celebrities and event specific merchandise.  Click the links above for additional information.

All entertainment is included with regular park admission.

James Arnold Taylor returns in 2014 as the Star Wars Weekends host. Taylor is the voice of hundreds of Clone Wars animated characters, including Obi-Wan Kenobi.

2014 Star Wars Weekends Dates:

  • May 16-18
  • May 23-25
  • May 30-June 1
  • June 6-8
  • June 13-15

Star Wars Weekends character dining

For the first time in Star Wars history, Walt Disney World is offering special Star Wars character dining opportunities at Hollywood and Vine for Dinner and Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater for breakfast.  The Hollywood and Vine meal offers meet and greets with Mickey and the gang, while the Sci-Fi breakfast offers meet and greets with Star Wars villains with no wait.  Click here for more details.

Highlights of Star Wars Weekends

  • Jedi Training Academy and Padawan Mind Challenge – additional spots are created for young padawans to participate and they may battle Darth Vader, Darth Maul or Asajj Ventress on stage in a friendly duel.  Be sure to go straight there at rope drop in order to sign up.  Sign ups occur at the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.  Here’s some basic guidelines for signups for Jedi Training Academy.  Guidelines for the Padawan Mind Challenge are the same, so I would recommend attempting each on a different day.  Spots for each of these fill very quickly.
  • Legends of the Force Motorcade.  The motorcade features that day’s celebrities, Disney characters in their best Star Wars attire and the 501st Legion marching by.  The parade is VERY popular, so get a good spot at least an hour or more early.  The majority of the parade only marches from the front of the park to the hat and the 501st parades all the way to Star Tours.  Here’s how to watch the Star Wars Motorcade without losing your mind.
  • Symphony in the Stars Fireworks.  For the first time in Star Wars Weekends the event will offer FIREWORKS!  They should be visible from most of the park, but the best viewing is one with the hat nearby.  The fireworks will cause an early closure to the Toy Story Midway Mania area.
  • Celebrity Autographs.  Fans line up many hours early to recieve a return “Fastpass” to come back at a specific time and meet an actual Star Wars celebrity.  To get an autograph for a highly regarded celebrity, you may consider lining up as early as 5:00 am.
  • Darth’s Mall.  Darth’s Mall, the giant Star Wars shopping area is being relocated to Sound Stage 1 next to Toy Story Midway Mania.  People line up hours early on the first day in order to purchase the most limited merchandise.

Can I dress up for Star Wars Weekends?

Yes, you are allowed to represent your favorite character at Star Wars Weekends provided that you don’t represent yourself as an official character.  Disney World requests that you not wear any type of mask.  Hundreds of guests dress up.  It gets really hot and humid here in May and June, so be careful with those multi-layered costumes and heavy materials and drink lots of water!


22 thoughts on “Star Wars Weekends Guide”

  1. We have a vacation in June 2014. Can I book for the dining now!!!! Also what are some of the other major SW attractions. Thanks!


  2. Kenny, any idea on how the children get picked for the parade? Is it a sign up somewhere specifically for the parade or random when they sign up for Mind Challenge or Jedi Training?


  3. Read a great report over on the Dis… Someone said they were in line for Leia and R2 because they knew it was near the end of their set and Luke and 3PO would be out after them. They had already met Leia and R2 and let a few people go ahead of them as they got near the front of the line. Well before Leia and R2 finished, Luke and 3PO came out to join them for a few meet and greets. They got a picture with all 4 of them together. This was between 2 & 2:30. Very cool.


  4. Kenny- Question about Darth Goofy. Does he only met in the morning on SWW, or is he part of the afternoon rotation?


  5. Kenny will you be able to get info on the Jawa Trading? Someone posted on disboards that it has been confirmed that Jawa will be out and doing trading and posing for pictures.


  6. I will be there on May 18th and May 23rd. Fortunately we also have a couple of non SWW days at DHS, so we can devote our weekend time to Star Wars!
    I’ve booked both character meals as I have 5 kids ranging from almost 2 to almost 13 and our whole family love SW. We have only been once before and I know there’s lots of changes this year so I’m very very much looking forward to updates with any tips from you, the expert!



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