Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide

KennythePirate’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Planning Guide

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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Map 2014 KennythePirate

If you like the less detailed version, here’s the official MNSSHP Map

1.  You can enter early!

The party festivities officially begin at 7pm sharp, but guests with a ticket to the party may enter using that ticket as early as 4:00pm.  If you are using a regular Magic Way Ticket, you do NOT need to exit the park.  There are locations that will allow you to scan your party ticket and receive your wristband while still in the park after 4pm.  Some guests choose to relax at their resort and save a day on their park tickets.  If you enter at 4:00, you might want to take in some headliner rides before the party starts.

2.  Am I forced to leave the Magic Kingdom if I don’t have ticket?  

Well, no one is going to grab your arm and pull you out, but once the party begins at 7pm, the Cast Members begin doing a sweep looking for those who don’t have wristbands.  If you forgot to get your wristband, just go to the nearest station.  If you wish to stay and attend the party, you can purchase a ticket at the front of the park, if it isn’t sold out.

3.  I have dining reservations for 6:45 at Liberty Tree Tavern, can I eat, watch the parade and stay around?  

NOPE.  Once your meal is completed at a Table Service restaurant, you’ll be kindly escorted all the way to the front gate by and super nice Cast Member who will kindly remind you that you can purchase a ticket and stay around if you wish!

4.  Make sure the little ones get an afternoon nap.  

You feel like you can get them to soldier-on from 6:00am wake up to midnight, but you’re wrong.  Your kids will become grumpy, demanding and even combative because they are tired!  As a matter of fact, you probably will too!  Don’t try to squeeze out every dollar of your vacation, get some rest!.

5.  Don’t waste your precious party time.

You only get 5 hours of actual party time (8 hours total), so don’t waste that $15.00 per hour per person eating Table Service, riding things you can do anytime or collecting candy early in the party.  Get in line for Jack and Sally (NEW), 7 Dwarves or Princesses early!  The line is usually pretty long for Dwarves by 6:15pm and the Princess with Prince line usually forms around 6:30pm.

6. Wear a costume!  

At least 50% of the people at any party will be in costume, both children and adults.  The other 61% are just wandering around lost, looking for a piece of candy.  My brother and I dressed as human character locators last year and the characters and Cast Members loved it. We had many characters in parades pointing us out.  Make sure your costume is very lightweight.  It gets very hot and humid in Florida.

7.  Bring a poncho

It has rained on at least half the parties I’ve attended.  It’s often an hour or less, so they continue with the party.  On rare occasions that both parades are cancelled, guest services may offer a refund or free park ticket.  Be prepared for the fall monsoons, it is hurricane season in Florida.

8.  Watch the parade and fireworks.

These are two of the best entertainment options at Walt Disney World.  I recommend seeing the SECOND parade because the crowds are lighter and view the fireworks between Casey’s Corner and the Tip Board on Main Street for the best view.  The best spots always go early for these events.  The schedules are on the Show schedule above.

9.  Check out the Villains Castle Show

The Villains Castle Show is a brief stage show that offers you a chance to get a glimpse of your favorite villains.

10.  Dance the night away with Woody, Jessie & Bullseye or Monsters Inc characters (NEW).

There are two great dance parties that allow you to dance with some of your favorite characters.  They don’t sign autographs, but they are a lot of fun and may even pose for a photo.

11.  Hitch a ride with some ghosts

There are usually two or three special locations where photopass photographers take your photo with Hitchhiking Ghosts.  We found this one near the Tiana meet and greet in Liberty Square.  If they take the photo with your camera, it’s just a giant blank area and you look like real dorks.

75 thoughts on “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide”

  1. Hello! First thank you so much for all that you do! 🙂

    2 quick questions. We are going to MNSSHP on Friday. Right now the weather looks like it will be wet, wet and wet. Do the characters still meet in the same location even if it is raining? We are only worried about the 7 Dwarfs.

    Also, we have full day tickets in addition to the party tickets. We are planning on getting to MK around 2:00. Can we be dressed in our costumes at that point or should we bring them to change into at 4:00. THANK YOU!


  2. Kenny we are going to MNSSHP on the 28th. My tickets are linked to our magic bands. We are going to AK earlier that day and have FP+ reservations for the morning. I clicked on FPs on MDE and chose the 28th trying to add FPs at MK for between 5-7pm. However I get a message that my current FP+ selections will be replaced. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

    Thanks so much for all of your help and tips. I’m looking forward to using your character locator during the upcoming trip!


  3. Hi Kenny, I have a 4 yr. old who is dying to see Maleficent! (She’s even dressing up as her) I’ve seen from some different threads & websites that she’s pretty hard to see, but I’ve also seen that she’s going to be in Fairytale Hall. Just wondering if you know what’s true & if you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!


  4. I used the app for my trip back in June and met almost everyone that I had planned, without worrying about major lines, missing the time, and things like that. I’m going for MNSSHP on the 21st and was wondering if it was possible to meet many of the characters during the party.

    My number one priority would be Jane and Tarzan, although they aren’t always together. Preferably I’d also like to see Aladdin and Abu or Jasmine and Genie, but I don’t need to see both. And I’m going as Maleficent, so is there any possibility of meeting her? On one page I saw the Headless Horseman was listed from 10:25-10:30, then elsewhere I saw you saw him during the parade (sometime between 8:15 and 8:52). All of these characters seem to meet between 9:45 and 10:45, so I’m just worried I won’t be able to make it to all of them.

    Your touring and character guides are super helpful, so any advice would be welcome!


  5. Hi Leslie,
    I have my tickets printed out, so when I put the number in MDE it tells me my tickets have already been linked…I am so lost lol!!!


  6. Hi Kenny,
    I thought I read on here somewhere that you can link your MNSSHP tickets and get fast passes from 4-7…How can I do this? My tickets show up on my reservation page, but nothing happens when I try to link them. Can I go to AK during the day, use my 3 fast passes and the pick some more for MK before the party starts with my MNSSHP tickets? Please help!


    1. Nadine, you probably have the same situation I do. My reservation is linked, but my individual tickets are not…because I don’t have them yet. I am thinking you have to link the individual tickets on MDE in order to book FP+ for the party.


  7. We have attended the party once in the past and our must do list only consists of Celebrate the Magic, Hallowishes and the 10:30 parade. Can you advise me of when and where we should stake a spot? I don’t mind if we stay in one spot or is it possible to head to Frontierland and find a spot for 10:30 parade over there after Hallowishes ends? We have a six year old so I want her to be able to see the parade as easily as possible. Thanks!!!


  8. I just wanted to say ” Hi” and thanks so much for the reporting you did while you were attending the first MNSSHP this Mon 9/1. As always I will continue to send people to your site for awesome help
    Ruthie aka Dis friend Luvchefmic


  9. Hi Kenny,
    I know that Maleficent and the Evil Queen are now at the Villains Soiree, but I was wondering if they still perform as part of the Castle Villains Show?


  10. Hi! I plan on arriving around 5 to the MNSSHP. I know fastpass+ it’s not available once it starts at 7, but can I use fastpass+ from 4-7? Will passing my magicband discount me a day from my regular package tickets even if I entered via the MNSSHP ticket? I am worried to lose a day if I do.


      1. Hi Kenny, if I have an annual pass and schedule 3 FP+ before 4pm, can I also schedule 3 FP+ with my MNSSHP ticket? I am not seeing how to do it online. Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Can’t thank you enough for your information and app. Has helped me dearly in past trips and planning this one.

    Do you know how early Mickey changes into his Halloween Costume for the Party in Town Square. I have a FP for my Mickey obsessed DS2 530-630p and was curious if he might have his costume on during that time or only when the bell tolls at 7p. My plan was to use that FP around 550pm and then get in line for Jack and Sally around 6 for my other DS4.


      1. Gotcha. Is the picture with Magician Mickey and Minnie from the year before then, or is that a different location?


  12. Kenny….love your site and all your amazing information. We are going to the Halloween party on Sept 16 (our first time) and then we are going to Halloween on the High Seas on the Disney Dream on Sept 21. I’m wondering if it would be easier to meet Jack and Sally on the cruise rather than wait in line for them at the party? Which characters would you say are a must to meet during the party? I want to maximize our time and don’t want to waste time meeting characters I could meet during the week. Thanks.


    1. If you see them with a reasonable line at MNSSHP, then meet them there, if not, try the ship. The characters that don’t make regular appearances in the parks/ships and special costumes would be the ones I would shoot for.


  13. Kenny
    Do all the attractions and character meet and greet that are open in the MK all day stay open for the Halloween party?


  14. Hi Kenny! Awesome info here! I was wondering…will Elsa and Anna be available for meet and greet during this years MNSSHP?


      1. Thank you! If I line up then I shouldn’t have to wait long once the party starts right? This is a must for my girls they love Jack and Sally but I do not want to miss out on the party.


  15. You became the greatest possible source of information on my may trip. Turns out I’m in Florida last week of August and am planning to hit Hollywood studios for the frozen stuff on August 31 and mk sept 1 for the Halloween party. Since sept 1 is the first one of the season, am I basically sol since you won’t have had one in the books to report on or is it possible you will be able to have done advance info for me to rely on before sept 1 Halloween party?


      1. You indicated that it was possible hades and meg replaced Tarzan this year…any possibility that any if the invading Hollywood studios villains on August 22 make it to the Halloween party?


  16. Just booked a one night stay so I can go to the MNSSHP on Sept 23. Very much looking forward to it. I plan on getting in line for the 7 Dwarfs first then after the Villains show I’ll get who I can there. Other than that I have an open schedule. (not sure if TSA will allow my travel tripod in my carry on so I can get good fireworks pics, but I do plan on seeing the parade) Doing this one solo. I’ve done 2 MVMCP’s, this will be my first MNSSHP.


  17. I know at Christmas time Mickey is in his holiday outfit at Animal Kingdom, does he wear at Halloween outfit anywhere besides during the MNSSHP? Thank you!


  18. I am looking to do the Halloween party on the 20th. Between Jack and Sally, 7 Dwarfs, Mickey and co, and Princesses I am not sure the best way to attack this scenario. Still wanna meet a villain and see parade and fireworks too. Rate the difficulty of this? Also did you get my Doc Mobile info I emailed you?


    1. Got the email. Hope to post tomorrow. I would line up at 5:30 for jack/sally. Catch dwarfs around a parade or fireworks. Princesses are moving today, so that may make it more difficult though.


  19. Any update on which characters will be out and their locations? Do you know if Rapunzel and Eugene will be there this year?

    Thank you! 🙂


  20. Hi Kenny. Great work! This will be our first year for MNSSHP. Kids want to meet Jack and Sally, 7 Dwarves, and Jack Sparrow. Is it possible? What’s the best strategy?


  21. If I get in the 7 Dwarves line at 5:30 (while the husband and kids ride rides), is it possible to get our picture with them, Pooh & friends, and Donald & Daisy before the 7:45 Villains Mix and Mingle?


      1. this is probably a crystal ball question, but we’re heading to MNSSHP on halloween itself – do you think they will they split the princesses & princes into 2 lines once they move over to the new Fair Tale Hall? With many thanks.


  22. Hi Kenny. Hope you’re doing fine. Kenny, I’m going to try to make it to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year if I can, and I was wondering if you knew off hand what characters are going to be there this year. This is one of the things I always look forward to. I had a wonderful time at the Long Lost Friends Week three weeks ago, and glad I finally got Robin Hood this time. Take care and have a magical weekend. Jason.



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