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The Extreme 4 Park Character Challenge isn’t for wimps!  You’ll walk and stand, walk and stand, walk and stand for an entire day.  You must have park hopping priviledges in some form and can either use your own transportation or WDW transportation.

Here are the rules:

1. Use of character meals is okay.  Hey, you’re spending the money, why not count those characters?  Will the one hour help or hurt?
2.  Use of extra magic hours is okay.  We will not be using them this time, but you’re welcome to do so.
3.  Use of Halloween or Christmas parties is okay.
4.  One must meet Mickey Mouse in at least one park.  He is the Big Cheese after all!
5. One scores one point for every unique character that one meets.  We don’t care if we have to reuse the same area or how many characters are at the end of the line.  The more, the merrier!
6.  One must meet at least one character in each of the 4 Walt Disney World parks.
7.  One receives points if one meets the SAME character in a DIFFERENT costume.  Ex:  If we meet Frontierland Donald in Magic Kingdom, Star Donald in Studios, Ranger Donald in AK, Mexican Donald and Sailor Donald in Ep, we’ll receive 5 points.
8.  One receives no points for meeting the same character in multiple locations in the same costume.
9.  One must track time in queue and time completed with meet.
10.  One must get an autograph from each character (that can physically sign or stamp) at each meet.
11.  One must have a photo of everyone in the group for all meets.
12.  No line jumping or line holding.  One cannot have someone hold a spot for the group.  The entire group must wait in all lines together.
13.  One must make photos and data public for viewing.

Below I’ll list everyone who meets all 13 of those qualifications here on the Pirate’s Wall of Glory.  Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Pirate’s Character Hunter Wall of Glory

Character Hunters Date Unique Charaters Different Costumes
Debbie Jo (8) & Kenny White 4/28/2012 60 68

14 thoughts on “Extreme 4 Park Character Challenge”

  1. On your character locator, some characters pop up only when you change from ‘name’ to ‘land.’ Also, do you have information on how meet and greets work for Early EMH? Do they just start earlier?


  2. Old thread, but I love the idea. I won’t meet all the requirements on our trip in June. We’re going to skip EPCOT this time around and no park hopping. That being said, from my previous 5 trips I have met 71 different characters (not including the different Mickey’s, Goofy’s, Donald’s, etc…) and I really only started character hunting on the last 2 trips. Our next trip is 4 full days. I’m going for 29 new characters (where I get my picture taken with them) to get to 100. Based on Fast Passes secured and character meals booked I will have 10 new characters, so its just a matter of coming across 19 others. With the character-poloza and dance parties this is very possible. We haven’t been in 5 years, so there are a lot more “new” regulars that weren’t around 5 years ago. I’ll let you know how I make out.


  3. this is such a brilliant idea, I hope you don’t mind that Im going to embark on this challenge this summer 🙂 Ive een looking for a good character hunt for a while because I cant seem to organise my own, but hopefully, after taking some tips from your challenge I may be able to complete a challenge, although im not holding my breathe to get 60 different characters 😛 but i’ll try 🙂


    1. Sure, feel free! Please let me know how it turns out. If you want to share your photos and experience afterward, I’d be happy to do that too.

      On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 1:22 PM, Kennythepirate's Disney Character


      1. Yeah, well i’m going to be on the college program working as a cast member at WDW Florida, so hopefully I’ll get a day off with my roommate so we can go do this together 🙂


  4. Hey Kenny! love this idea. All in one day? I am going in Feb and I might have to take you up on this challenge. I am having issues posting a comment to your site, but I will be emailing you in the future for this one! I witnessed you running around for the Ultimate challenge, and I am pretty sure this is more along my pace, and I love it!


    1. Ah, issue is with facebook I’ve had some people trying to post spam and links to some not very nice sites that linked through Fb. So I set the word facebook to hold in moderation, but I approve them manually a short time later



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