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Below is a list of characters that are not common to meet in Walt Disney World. They may pop up for a day or show up for a Limited Time Magic or special event and disappear just as quickly. They follow no set schedules.

Uncommon Not Likely or Impossible
3 Little Pigs Abby Mallard
Atta Angelica
Bert Bernard
Big Bad Wolf Bianca
Fawn Boo
Flik Bowler Hat Guy
Friar Tuck Carl Fredrickson
Gov. Ratcliffe Chicken Little
Iridessa Clara Cluck
Jack Skellington Clarice Chipmunk
Jiminy Cricket Clopin
John Smith Coral Reef
Jose Carioca Darby
Kenai Dumbo
Koda Emile
Launchpad McQuack Esmeralda
Leo George Sanderson
Li Shang Giselle
Louis the Alligator Goliath
Ludwig Gus
Megara Gypsy
Miss Bunny Hades
Mushu Hercules
Panchito Pistoles Jaq
Prince Eric JoJo
Prince John Kim Possible
Rosetta Lewis Robinson
Robin Hood Lucky the Dinosaur
Sally from NBC Lumiere
Sheriff of Nottingham Mittens
Silvermist Mowgli
Terance Mr. Potatohead
Thumper Mr. Walrus
Timon Mrs. Incredible
  Muppet Mobile Lab
  Old Hag
  Prince Caspian
  Queen Elinor
  Roger Rabbit
  Ron Stoppable
  Shan Yu
  Wilbur Robinson
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15 thoughts on “Uncommon or Unlikely Disney World Character Meets”

  1. Meg stopped and posed for pictures behind the stage at the Unleash the Villains: Friday the 13th event at Hollywood Studios a bit ago. We just haunted the door near where she goes in for a few hours and she’d talk more and more then finally decided to just stop and allow us to take pictures after she went upstairs for a few moments. It was a nice surprise.


  2. Do you have a list of all the characters that don’t sign autographs? I’m making an “ultimate autograph collection” book for my 4 year old son including all the rare ones and it’s over 250 pages (each character on its own page). I dont want to get his hopes up with an empty page when he meets someone (like Wreck it Raph) that doesnt sign. Everyone I’ve asked said that if anyone has it, its you! 🙂

    PS. Your character lists and app are AMAZING. I really appreciate all the work you put into them! Makes our autograph hunts a breeze 🙂 Thank you 🙂


  3. Ugh! I was doing my College Program in the Fall of 2012, I wish I had found out sooner they were retiring her from Fantasmic. If I’d have known it was my last chance to meet her, I would have been there. Breaks my heart! She’s my #1 all time favorite Disney character, kills me I won’t ever get to meet her. 😦


  4. So you can’t meet Meg, Hercules, Hades, Kim Possible, or Ron Stoppable anywhere? Those are some of my favorite characters, (other than Ariel), and that makes me sad. Do you know of any spot they might rarely come?


  5. We met Megara in October 2012 after fantasmic was cancelled. We met them on the streets of america along with pooh, jafar, tweedle dee and twiddle dumb, and mulan



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