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Crowd Calendars

KennythePirate’s Walt Disney World Crowd Calendars

The crowd calendars are released approximately 195 days in advance. On each calendar you’ll find the park hours, Extra Magic Hours, special entertainment offerings, crowd levels, best park/worst park as well as dining and Fastpass+ booking windows! MTbanner

Are these the actual Disney World park hours?

Yes, these are the actual park hours that come directly from the Disney Travel Agent site and are updated regularly with the dates posted. The Travel Agent site hours are listed earlier than Disney World’s regular website and are updated often. They typically update hours mid-month, but updates can happen at any time.

What is Extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours (EMH) are a benefit to Disney Hotel guests as well as Shades of Green, Swan and Dolphin Resort or Hilton Downtown Disney. Every day a theme park is one either one hour early or stays open two hours late just for these guests. During extremely busy seasons, more than one park offers Extra Magic Hours to these guests.

Can a guest that is staying offsite participate in Extra Magic Hours.

No and Yes. What does that mean? Guests are required to present hotel keys to prove they are staying at a Walt Disney World hotel, Shades of Green, Swan and Dolphin Resort or Hilton Downtown Disney in order to enter the park for MORNING Extra Magic Hours. However, EVENING guests are only required to show that hotel key at the attractions when they wish to ride. An offsite guest could wander the park and take photos of the exteriors without being harassed, but can’t ride, eat or shop.

When does Disney Transportation begin running each morning?

Typically Disney buses are available to all Disney Hotel guests beginning 45-60 minutes before park opening. There is a dining bus that runs earlier for those with breakfast dining reservations at other Disney hotels or theme parks that offer breakfast prior to park opening.

16 thoughts on “Crowd Calendars”

  1. How bad is the week after Christmas really? I have searched for character meals from Sept – December and the only time I am able to get everything I want is 12/27 – 12/31 but I am so nervous because every site says to avoid Disney during this time.


  2. Do you have historical crowd calendars? We’re considering going for a week in April, but a lot of other sites have conflicting info on how busy it is or is not. I checked here first, but couldn’t find anything on April.


  3. Kenny, you might want to check your calculations for the 180 ADR, 60 day FPP and 30 day FPP. Looks like you have a date math error going on. You have the dates in the FUTURE instead of the past.


      1. I thought it was telling you when you are able to book these days. Like look up your trip dates in the calendars and see when you can start booking dining or Fpp for your trip. My mistake I guess.


      2. Jim,
        I’ve taken your suggestion and changed the format of the 180/60/30 days out for all the crowd calendars. They now reflect those days in reverse of the date on the calendar.



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