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Camp Minnie Mickey characters open early this week

The characters of Camp Minnie Mickey will arrive at 9:00 am each day from Sunday, November 18 through Friday, November 23 to allow crowds to meet the characters with a shorter wait.  Arrive by this time to keep your waits to a minimum during the Thanksgiving week.  Pocahontas will offer a different schedule as well.

Animal Kingdom characters set to appear in Halloween Costumes

Mickey, Minnie, Donald Pluto and Goofy have traditionally dressed in special costumes in Camp Minnie Mickey to celebrate Halloween in the Animal Kingdom theme park.  Mickey has dressed as the scarecrow you see above (photo taken at recent Happy Haunted 5K run), Minnie has dressed as a cowgirl, Goofy as a cowboy, Pluto wears a special pumpkin collar and Donald dons his coonskin cap that he used to wear at the Magic Kingdom.

The tradition of dressing for Halloween will continue this year in Camp Minnie Mickey.  The characters will wear these special costumes from October 28-November 3.  This mini-celebration will displace Baloo and King Louie, who will return to Stanley Falls in Africa for this week only.

Winnie the Pooh has traditionally appeared in his Super Slueth costume, Eeyore as a mummy and Tigger dresses for the occasion as well at Discovery Landing.  If you’re in Animal Kingdom next week, be sure to stop by and see these characters in their special costumes.

Chip n Dale relocated at Animal Kingdom


Chip n Dale have relocated from Camp Minnie Mickey to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  Evidently chipmunks are the first creatures to sense the future destruction of Camp Minnie Mickey.  Those guys should warn the other characters of the impending doom.  At least it gives character hunters two reasons to visit this very out of the way place.

Oh, someone should tell WDW that all the Animal Kingdom characters are apparently still asleep at 1:30pm according to “My Disney Experience.”

At least “Mobile Magic” knows that the chipmunks are awake, but doesn’t tell you when you can meet them.


Farewell Animal Kingdom characters


The removal of characters continues at the Animal Kingdom.  I’ve been informed that Timon, Thumper, Bunny, & Meeko have stopped regular meets at Walt Disney World effective today. Daisy will no longer offer her lunch-time meeting and Goofy will no longer meet in Camp Minnie Mickey.  Goofy is supposed to continue to meet in Dinoland and Baloo and King Louie will move to Camp.  No word if any characters will replace Thumper, Bunny or Meeko at this time.  I’ll change the schedule as I receive information.


Russell and Dug returning 3/25 while Flik leaves Animal Kingdom

Russell & Dug from the movie UP! are returning to the Animal Kingdom tomorrow, March 25, 2012, while Flik from A Bug’s Life is sadly being retired from regular rotation right now.  Did Flik’s crushing defeat to Dale (66-34) in the first round of March Madness seal his fate?

I’ll post the new schedule when I see it tomorrow.

Animal Kigdom characters rumored to retired

It appears that Animal Kingdom is going ahead with retiring Jiminy Cricket, Lilo, Stitch and Terk today.  Pocahontas is only meeting at Camp Minnie Mickey,  she is no longer available at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.   The characters from UP! are supposed to begin next Sunday.