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Meeting Tarzan and Jane Porter at Disney Animal Kingdom

Tarzan and Jane came out for a special meet and greet today at the Animal Kingdom park.  They came out in front of the park for a training meet to prepare for the upcoming Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties.  Tarzan appeared first by himself, then Jane followed him.  After meeting each of them, I made my way around the park to get photos of MENUS so I can update the Character Locator app!  Yes, that the kind of awesome fun I have now that I’ve moved here.  After walking around the 6.37 mile circle that is Animal Kingdom, I made my way out of the park to find Tarzan and Jane meeting together, so I stopped for another brief meet and a couple of photos.  I would present the photos of me with Tarzan and Jane, but I look ridiculous after shaving most of my goatee for work.  Fortunately, I’m allowed to grow it back!

Both characters were very interactive and a lot of fun to meet.  Each was willing to sign autographs.

NOTE:  This is a TRAINING MEET, not a regularly scheduled meet.  They will not be appearing on the schedule in the future.  They may make a few appearances in the next couple of days, but those will be unscheduled.

Here ya go:

Jane-Animal-Kingdom-Training-August-2013d-(1) Tarzan-and-Jane-Animal-Kingdom-Training-August-2013-(1) Tarzan-Animal-Kingdom-Traiing-August-2013-(2) Tarzan-Animal-Kingdom-Traiing-August-2013-(3)