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Meeting Jack Skellington and Sally at Downtown Disney – our experience

Downtown Disney recently hosted Jack Skellington and Sally for their first public Walt Disney World meet and greet. My daughter and I had already planned to drive down that weekend to participate in our first ever 5K Fun Run and take part in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, so we were super excited to hear that Jack and Sally would offer meet and greets for 3 days only.

We arrived to find these great themed signs near the entrance to the theater in Downtown Disney. I wonder who gets to take these home after the event? Will any of them go on Ebay?
After walking over from the end of the theater nearest DisneyQuest, we made our way to the entrance to the meet and greet. We had reserved tickets for the Frankenweenie preview, but chose to skip that because we had read that the line the previous night exceeded 3 hours. So, we decided to line up early.
We arrived at 4:30 pm to find that a line had already begun to form. We had free tickets for the Frankenweenie preview, but chose to skip that because we read that the first night’s crowd easily exceeded 3 hours. So, we used our 7 Dwarves strategy and lined up early for the meet and greet instead. It was a wise decision because the line became extremely long by the time Jack and Sally arrived at 6pm.  We enjoyed our time in line because we met some great fans of the blog and character hunters and we passed most of our time in great conversation.
Despite the great posters for Frankenweenie, no one went to see the movie on it’s first weekend.
Across the way from the meet and greet area was this great Halloween decoration.
The sign said they would arrive and 6pm and they arrived right on time!
We met Jack Skellington and Sally at 6:15pm, which meant we had spent one hour and 45 minutes in line and consumed 2 smoothies and a Wetzel’s Pretzel. Jack was very chatty and cordial, but the CMs were hurrying them along and only allowed one photo per group and NO autographs. My daughter was dissapponted that they eliminated the autographs. I told her we’ll have to head to Disneyland sometime to meet them during their Halloween meets.