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Princess Fairytale Hall: How to meet the Princesses with no confusion

Princess Fairytale Hall is the new location for 4 of Disney’s most popular Princesses. You’re guaranteed to meet either Cinderella in one queue line with a visiting Princess or Rapunzel in another queue line with a guest Princess. You’ll find that almost all the time it will be Cinderella with Aurora/Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel with Snow White.  “Legacy” or paper Fastpass (we’ll get there) and Fastpass+ are available to meet each Princesss group.

Location:  Former Snow White’s Scary Adventures building right behind the Castle on your right as you pass through the Castle

Best time to go:  Rope drop, fireworks or immediately after fireworks or use a type of Fastpass.

Should I use FASTPASS?  I recommend waiting in one standard queue to experience the large artwork and Cinderella’s slipper and use some type for Fastpass for the other.  I would go there at rope drop one day or during fireworks to experience the regular stand by queue.

Who has the longest wait?:  Ususally Rapunzel, but in the early morning everyone heads to Rapunzel, then switches queues to Cinderella.  (We used Legacy FP for Cinderella and found that to be a better solution.

How’s the lighting?  It’s really beautiful and regal inside the new meet and greet area.  It’s much better than the old flat backdrops, but the lighting is difficult on inexpensive cameras.  I recommend using a fill flash if you don’t get a good photo.  Don’t leave without inspecting your photo!  All these photos were taken with a pocket Sony RX 100, which is a high-end hand-held camera.

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Princess Fairytale Hall Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Exterior (6)
Daylight photo near opening time with giant crane ruining my artistic interpretation!

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