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KennythePirate’s Top 13 New Character Meets of 2013

Thanks to several different Limited Time Magic events, some characters offering new regular meets and some Epcot character training, 2013 provided me with the opportunity to meet more than 20 new characters.  I thought it might be fun to rank the top 13 meets that were new to me and open up the rankings for some discussion.

13. Shaker

We’ve had the opportunity to meet Liverlips, Wendell and Big Al numerous times at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot training, but Shaker was always elusive to us.  Many years ago, he appeared at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, but things changed.  In 2013 the Magic Kingdom entertainment decided to bring him back with the other Country Bears for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for a group meet and greet.  We met them right after the parade for a very short wait.

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Meeting Gideon at Epcot

Gideon EP 2013 (6)

We’ve been visiting Walt Disney World regularly as a family since 2004.  During that time we’ve met well over 200 characters, but never had the opportunity to meet Gideon.  I thought Gideon might be part of the Long-lost Friends week, but it was just Pinocchio, Gepetto and Jiminy Cricket from that movie.  I was visiting Epcot on the Sunday before Long-lost Friends began to meet the Winter Wonderland characters when I happened upon a training meet at the World Showplace.  The first character I saw was Gideon.  I dashed over to meet him and I was the last person to meet him for that set.

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