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Our recent visit to Character Palooza

A recent visit to Characer Palooza at Hollywood Studios

Character Palooza is an unpublished character meet and greet that takes place at Hollywood Studios.  Here’s the article I wrote on Character Palooza a while back with more information.

We dropped in on Saturday afternoon and saw the Streets of America abuzz with meet and greet action.  It’s funny how many people don’t know this exists and just stumble upon it.  I’ve observed recently that the summer appearance can vary from 5:55pm to 6:10pm, so arrive a few minutes early!

Our goal Saturday was to ride Expedition Everest and Dinosaur and take part in the Dinoland Dance Party at Animal Kingdom, then hop over to Hollywood Studios to take in Character Palooza and the new Rock Your Summer Side Dance Party.  We succeeded at everything except Dinosaur which went down while we were there.

We arrived at Character Palooza and Jordyn was hot and tired and was going to sit on the steps and wait on Debbie to meet some of her favorite characters…until she saw Max!  In the same day Jordyn got to meet Mushu and Max for the first time, so she was pretty happy.

Max Goof

Max Goof Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios

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Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Sept 20, 2013 (part deux)

It’s been a crazy week.  I had to work overtime, so I had little free time this week.   I did run over to Tampa for the Scream Cam, if you’d like to see that craziness, let me know.  So, today we pick up after the first parade with our story of the September 20th Halloween Party experience.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2013 (42)
We had stopped in the Diamond Horseshoe earlier in the party to visit with Bullseye, but he wasn’t there. After the parade concluded in Town Square we made over there to see if he had returned while collecting some candy along the way.

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Capt. Hook and Mr. Smee

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee often appear at Character Palooza in Hollywood Studios and Mr. Smee appears randomly in Epcot. They can be met at the Pirates and Pals cruise as well. Captain Hook can be seen in both Magic Kingdom parades while Mr. Smee appears in the nighttime parade.