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Why can’t I find Fastpass+ for Anna and Elsa?

A lot of folks ask me why they can’t find Fastpass+ options for Anna and Elsa X days before their trip.  The reason FP+ options are difficult to find for them is simple economics.  I’m going to present some made up numbers for the sake of discussion.

Lets say, hypothetically,  that Anna and Elsa are able to meet 200 guests per hour per day when they move to the Magic Kingdom.  That would be 3.33 guests per minute, so it sounds reasonable for discussion purposes.  The Magic Kingdom has taken the stance that Anna and Elsa will only be guaranteed from 9am to 5pm daily, so we have 8 hours to work with.  If you multiply 120×8, you get 1600 people per day.  Fastpass+ usually offers express privileges to 1/3 of all the guests in an line. Given our mathematical proposal,  533 guests per day would be meeting Anna and Elsa using FP+.

There is easily 30,000 or more guests in the Magic Kingdom on a really slow day, so about 1% would be given an opportunity to meet the Frozen Princesses with a short(er) wait given our numbers on a slow day.  Guest are crying out because there “must be a better way.”  The only better way is to offer this meet and greet in multiple locations until the demand cools down but that does cost more money.  Moving them to Magic Kingdom and offering FP+ is a plus, but probably not enough to make the line really short.

If you can’t find Fastpass+ for Anna and Elsa using my tip about booking them one at a time or using the copy method, your best bets are:

1.  Arrive before park opening and go straight there on a morning Extra Magic Hour day.  This eliminates anyone skipping character meals, or eating then running out to beat you to the second rope behind the castle.

2.  If you don’t have Extra Magic Hour privileges, you should arrive before park opening and head straight there and make your way as close as possible to the rope behind the castle, eliminating as much wait as possible.

If you don’t have FP+ and sleep in, you’re still going to wait in a REALLY long line.   I’m still guessing that those with FP+ from around noon onward will experience a wait of an hour or more, unless Disney forces more people to just wait longer in the stand by line.  I’ll update you next week and let you know if my guess is correct.

The Best time to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen at Epcot

I receive a lot of questions concerning when and where to meet Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen in Epcot. We know the ladies will be relocating to the Magic Kingdom on April 20th, but what about those who plan to travel to Walt Disney World before April 20th? When should you meet them?

Option 1: Extra Magic Hour Plan

If you have extra Magic Hour privileges, you should use that hour to wait in line for Anna and Elsa and use your FP+ wisely to ride Soarin or Test Track and two other favorites later in the morning. It may seem silly to waste an hour standing in line because the girls don’t arrive until 9:00AM, but that will probably be the shortest wait you’ll see for them in Epcot. I would arrive at least by 7:30 AM and make a beeline for the Norway Pavilion. The meet is in the Princesse Plass, which is on the left hand side when entering the pavilion.  One person could hold the spot while the others do some rides, if you wish.

Option 2:  Book a breakfast dining reservation at Akershus before park opening.

This one might be pretty difficult at this point in time, but is the most popular way that people have used to save time for this meet.  Many people will book a pre-park opening reservation between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, eat some breakfast, then dart out to get in line.  Some have even booked the breakfast, then skipped it entirely absorbing the $10 per person fee.  The gate Cast Members do check for reservations before entering the park.  This group of people are the reason the wait time is already at 2 or more hours when the first of the rope drop crowd reach Norway these days.

Option 3:  Try the late afternoon.

This one isn’t guaranteed to work, but many people have reported success getting in the line after 4:30pm.  Of course that success could still result in 1 1/2 to 2 hour waits, but it’s worth a try if you arrive early in the morning and you’re quoted a 5 hour or more wait.

When Anna and Elsa move to the Magic Kingdom, my current recommendation will be either go straight there at Rope Drop, especially on an Extra Magic Hour day, or use a Fastpass+ for early in the morning. Perhaps my How to Find Difficult Fastpass+ Reservations could help.  I’ll be there the first day and several days after the April 20th move to report the best way to meet them in the Magic Kingdom.

How long did you wait to meet them?  How long would you wait?

Book those Fastpass+ for Anna and Elsa at the Magic Kingdom now!

As of March 14 at 6:06 guests are beginning to book Fastpass+ reservations to meet Anna and Elsa at the Magic Kingdom.  This image was sent to me by a Facebook reader named Sam for a reservation on May 15th.  Another reader named Dawn said they just booked for May 7th

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Fairytale Hall, Anna and Elsa, Fastpass+Let the booking begin!

My thoughts on Anna and Elsa moving to Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom

Disney has confirmed the news that Anna and Elsa are moving to the Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall on April 20, 2014.  I mentioned that this would be happening a couple days ago and it created a lot of buzz.  Disney is only guaranteeing them until “EARLY EVENING,” they will then be replaced by “visiting princesses.”  That’s an important term, so don’t breeze over it without taking note.

When I began this site, I committed myself to sharing my unabashed opinions.  I’m not a media person and don’t have media credentials and really don’t want them.  I don’t want my opinions being influenced by someone feeding me some tarts and giving me access to an attraction that average guests don’t have.  I have nothing against those who do, just not my style.  I want to experience the park just like you do and tell you the best way to maneuver the parks.  So here’s my opinion on the move that will be happening. Continue reading My thoughts on Anna and Elsa moving to Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom

We met Anna and Elsa at park opening today at Epcot’s Norway pavilion and a ride on Test Track

My girls haven’t had a chance to meet Anna and Elsa since they began appearing.  My son’s basketball games required a lot of our Saturday mornings lately, but they were well worth it!  So, we decided to see if we could meet Anna and Elsa and ride Test Track before heading off to church.

We arrived at the gates at 8:20 am to find this small group of people waiting for the park to open.  Many were there specifically to meet Anna and Elsa, so it would be a foot race 🙂

Click any pic for super large photo.  Oh speaking of photos.  I’m often asked if someone can use a photo in a memory book.  Go ahead, use them in your memory books if they help!  If you place them on a website, I’d appreciate a mention.  Just don’t sell them and we’re all cool.  But, why would you sell them???

Walt Disney World, Epcot, rope drop Continue reading We met Anna and Elsa at park opening today at Epcot’s Norway pavilion and a ride on Test Track

Anna and Elsa to move to yet another test schedule at Norway in Epcot

UPDATE:  The Frozen girls returned to the lame 11:00am start time on Sunday, February 16, 2014.  I’ll go check this out later in the week, but people are stating that it’s a minimum 4 hour wait.

I recently posted that many guests were having great success in meeting Anna and Elsa later in the afternoon.   Some people tried it out and found the wait to be significantly less.  Recently a few people found that Disney’s website was listing Anna/Elsa meet and greet moving to a 9:00 am to 6:00 pm schedule beginning Sunday, February 9.

I was able to confirm that this is a test schedule that will allow Disney World to see if it improves the guest experience.  They have been beginning at 11:00 am, which meant that the line would easily be 3 to 4 hours long before the ladies even arrived to meet guests.  I recommended a couple of times that they look at doing a rope drop meet and Disney has responded, of course, it could have been the hundreds of complaints at guest relations.

So, beginning Sunday, February 9 I will again recommend that you visit the ladies at rope drop and do not visit on an Extra Magic Hour morning!

When should I meet Anna and Elsa at Epcot in the Norway pavilion?

UPDATE:  They have moved to another Test Schedule that is from 9:00am to 6:00pm which means I recommend going at PARK OPENING!


Anna and Elsa have been a HUGE hit at Walt Disney World.  They had lines forming to meet them before they even began meet and greets.  Hey, they even had people searching for them during training meets.  The lines for Anna and Elsa averaged 3 to 5 hours on many days at Epcot and many fans were extremely frustrated.  The Disney Blog had announced that the girls would be leaving in late January, which scared a number of guests as well.

Well, the lovely ladies from Arendelle continue to meet in Epcot and will for quite some time.  Disney is even working toward building them a better meet and greet location somewhere.  They hope to keep them in Norway.

I used to recommend that you go straight there at park opening and wait two hours, because it was the shortest you would wait.  Because Epcot has added more time to their schedule (even though the Epcot Times Guide and MDE App don’t realize) I now recommend that you visit in the late afternoon or early evening.  The ladies are now meeting from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm with short breaks.  (They often take a longer break from 8:00-8:30 pm).

Don’t waste your good touring time for attractions like Test Track and Soarin to head over here.  Go to those attractions and meet the other characters in the park, then come over in the afternoon.  I’ll be writing touring plans that include this information very soon.

Here’s the information on their location.

Do you think my advice is sound or the ramblings of a crazy pirate?

KennythePirate’s Top 13 New Character Meets of 2013

Thanks to several different Limited Time Magic events, some characters offering new regular meets and some Epcot character training, 2013 provided me with the opportunity to meet more than 20 new characters.  I thought it might be fun to rank the top 13 meets that were new to me and open up the rankings for some discussion.

13. Shaker

We’ve had the opportunity to meet Liverlips, Wendell and Big Al numerous times at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot training, but Shaker was always elusive to us.  Many years ago, he appeared at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, but things changed.  In 2013 the Magic Kingdom entertainment decided to bring him back with the other Country Bears for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for a group meet and greet.  We met them right after the parade for a very short wait.

Country Bears at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Wendell, Shaker, Big Al, Liverlips Continue reading KennythePirate’s Top 13 New Character Meets of 2013

Anna and Elsa from Frozen have moved into Epcot’s Norway Pavilion

Anna and Elsa finally appeared at Epcot’s Norway pavilion on November 2, 2013 after a delay concerning some construction delays. Disney has taken the Puffin’s Roost and transformed it into a simple, yet nice meet and greet area for the ladies.  The entire queue waiting area is outdoors.  There is NO SHADE.  If you visit on a hot, sunny day or rainy day, bring an umbrella.  I arrived 15 minutes prior to the third set of the day which is 1:00 pm.  I met the Frozen ladies at 1:36 for a total wait time of 51 minutes.  The line for the second meet was closed at 1:05 p.m.  That means that group also waited at least 55 minutes for the next meet.  I recommend you follow my basic rule of Princess meets, ARRIVE EARLY.  Go there when the World Showcase opens and be first in line and then go visit Mulan.

You can find Anna and Elsa’s schedule with map here.

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