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How to meet every Princess in Walt Disney World with no stress

How to meet every Princess in Walt Disney World with no stress

Meeting the all the Disney Princesses in one trip can seem like a daunting task to many first time visitors, but you don’t have to be stressed to meet the dresses!  Here’s some tips for meeting all the Princesses and I even threw in some bonus female face characters at the end of the post.

Anna and Elsa – Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall (only)

Anna and Elsa, Frozen, Norway, Epcot, Meet and Greet

The best way to save time meeting the frozen sisters is to pre-arrange Fastpass+.  Guests who are staying onsite should book these around midnight 60 days before their trip, but choose the farthest out date during your trip.  If you are unsure when our 60 day window begins, check my Crowd Calendars.  If they still don’t show up, try using my tips on How to get hard to find Fastpass+ reservations (may be necessary for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train too).  If you don’t succeed at first, keep trying!

If you just can’t find Fasptasses and don’t want to wait 2 hours or more, then arrive at the Magic Kingdom 30-45 minutes early.  Go straight to one of the ropes on the sides of the train station.  When they count down to open the park, stay right on the rope and don’t let people cut you in line.  The Cast Members will escort the rope all the way to the Castle in a VERY slow fashion.  Once you reach the Castle, go straight through and bear left at the Prince Charming Carousel.  You’ll need to circle it to enter the regular Stand By line.

Another option may be visiting during LATE Extra Magic Hours, if you are onsite.  The ladies are available from park open to close and DO NOT appear at ANY character dining.

NOTE:  Anna and Elsa appear in the same room, but don’t appear in the same photo any longer! Continue reading How to meet every Princess in Walt Disney World with no stress

Top Ten Things Every Guest Should Experience at Walt Disney World

Top Ten Things Every Guest Should Experience at Walt Disney World

10.  Visit Walt Disney:  One Man’s Dream

Walt Disney One Man's Dream

Okay, this may seem like a really silly choice.  However, many guests walk right by this great attraction that tells the history of Walt Disney and the Disney corporation.  It has great classic items like Walt’s office, his first foray into audio-animatronics and the multi-plane camera.  If you skip this attraction, you probably don’t understand the heart behind Walt Disney World.

I spoke with a friend the other day who has visited Disney parks many times and had never seen this attraction because the family thought it would be a boring waste of time.  It’s interesting history and it’s air-conditioned!  Do it in the afternoon. Continue reading Top Ten Things Every Guest Should Experience at Walt Disney World

Which characters at Walt Disney World don’t sign autographs

I’m asked, quite frequently, which characters sign autographs at Walt Disney World.  With more than 60 characters offering regular meet and greets, it’s easier to answer with which regular characters at Walt Disney World DON’T sign autographs.  Here’s a handy-dandy little graphic that explains it all.
disney world character autographs, disney world character signatures, disney world character signing,For those wishing to discuss the issue of Mr. Incredible:

Mr Incredible Autograph Mr Incredible Autograph


KennythePirate’s top 12 most difficult Walt Disney World character meets

KennythePirate’s top 12 most difficult regular Walt Disney World character meets

Walt Disney World currently offers more than 60 different characters that one can meet on the regular schedule.  That doesn’t include all the RARE/RANDOM and UNCOMMON characters that one might find at Places like Character Palooza, Frontierland Hoedown or Epcot Training.  Some characters are easy to find and offer fairly short lines, while others may be difficult to locate (for non-KtP users) and may not have any public schedules offered.  Here’s my top 12 most difficult Disney World Characters to meet that offer a REGULAR meet and greet.

(Click on a link for that character’s full schedule, map, interaction tips and trivia.)

12.  Mulan

mulan epcot facebookEarly in the morning Mulan’s wait times are pretty low, maybe 10-15 minutes, but later in the afternoon it could be 30 minutes or more.  During the morning set, Mulan usually meets in the front of the China pavilion to help draw guests into the pavilion.  In the afternoon, you’ll often find her next to the Temple of Heaven in the shady area to the left.  I recommend meeting her earlier in the day to avoid waiting. Continue reading KennythePirate’s top 12 most difficult Walt Disney World character meets

7 Disney World Character Meals that offer unique characters

If you’re looking for a full list of character meals, locations, characters involved, costs and menus; just click HERE.

Walt Disney World offers more than 20 character dining type experiences around the property and there’s 6 more that are in the Walt Disney World area, but not in an official Walt Disney World Hotel.  You can meet Goofy in 12 different meals, Pluto in 10 different meals and Donald in 6 different meals.  But some characters are so rare, they not only don’t appear in the park often, they are only in one character meal.

7. 1900 Park Fare Breakfast  and the Wonderland Tea Party – Mad Hatter

No one has a voice like the Mad Hatter.  Many people try to copy his unique tone, but few succeed.  He used to meet regularly in the Magic Kingdom by the Mad Tea Party, but currently he can only be found regularly at 1900 Park Fare for breakfast and the Wonderland Tea Party.  He can be seen, but not met in the Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it Street Party.  In recent years, he has been available for meets during the Halloween Party as well.  He’s a lot of fun with which to laugh and joke around.  Tell him the guy with the “Loser Hat” said hello.

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KennythePirate’s top 13 Walt Disney World character opportunities that most guests miss


13.  Main Street Citizens

Most people visiting the Magic Kingdom are in a huge hurry to get to Peter Pan’s Flight, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Space Mountain, get a Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern or meet Merida, that they don’t even realize that the Main Street Citizens are a part of the experience that is the Magic Kingdom.  The citizens live in a specific point in time in which local politics that included the women’s suffrage movement.  No one is a bigger advocate for women’s rights than Hildegard Olivia Harding!  You can help put out a fire with Chief Smokey Miller, participate in an impromptu drama with Beatrice Starr, get some great shopping tips from Constance Purchase, help take a vocal lesson from Victoria Trumpetto and hear the Mayor Christopher George Weaver and Councilman Dewey Cheatem’s speeches.  Scoop Sanderson even enjoys trading pins with guests.  Don’t pass them by, they are a lot of fun.  I list the schedule for this event on the Magic Kingdom Entertainment Schedule which is updated every Saturday night.

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5 Tips for a Great Disney Character Meet and Greet

What to do at a Disney Character Meet and Greet

1.  Arrive early.

pocahontas facebook

Use my character schedules or the Character Locator PRO app to determine the time you’d like to meet a character.  But, be sure to arrive early.  Some characters may already have lines held over from previous meets.  This is especially common for Princess characters.  You may want to consider using one of my touring plans to optimize your character touring.

Animal Kingdom Plan

Epcot Plans

Hollywood Studios Plans

Magic Kingdom Plans

2.  Have your item that you want autographed ready to present to the character.

Storm Trooper Helmet Bank
Storm Trooper Helmet Bank

They will not sign items that a guest is actually wearing and characters wearing white gloves aren’t supposed to sign in green marker as it doesn’t clean from costume easily.

 I recommend retractable markers for ease of storage.  Only a few characters don’t sign at Walt Disney World.   Here’s a list of characters who don’t sign.  Fumbling around with pens, markers and books that aren’t open to a new page are time consuming and cut down on your time with the character.  Don’t use hotel pens, the characters need something larger to hold well.

3.  Consider something different than an autograph book.  

Shared by Sonya Toole Little
Shared by Sonya Toole Little

After filling about 10 autograph books we realized we could do other fun things.  My daughter used to enjoy getting every Princess to sign a special hat each trip.  Those hats are still very special to her.   Some people have used a large vinymation, created a special memory book, had tshirts signed, posters signed and more.  I thought would be cool to get all the Star Wars Characters to sign a Storm Trooper bank.  If you are using something white, be sure to keep it out of the sun in a bag or the sun will fade the signatures.

4.  Have that camera turned on and ready to fire.

Tusken Raider Star Wars Weekends 2013 - bad guy roams backlot
I would have missed this great shot of the Tusken Raider, if I didn’t have my camera ready

You’ll waste time trying to turn on your camera or activate your cell phone camera.  I’ve taken a number of photos with a cell camera for the sake of tweeting them out, but they usually take horrible photos, especially in low light.  I like to use my Sony RX100.  It is the best pocket camera on the market today.  It takes photos that compare to DSLR cameras but is much smaller and lighter in weight.  Take some candid shots while your child is interacting with the character.  Those will be more memorable than the strict posed photos.

5.  Interact with the character.

Anakin Skywalker (3)Many people just ask for a signature and pose for a static photo.  Try some of my interaction tips or try posing in a new (yet appropriate) way.  Surf with Stitch, propose to a character, jump with Tigger or do monkey poses with King Louie.  Use your time and don’t feel rushed.  This may be the only time you ever see some characters.

Tuesday’s Tip: Enhancing your Disney favorite character photos

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

I’m not much of a pro when it comes to editing photos. I’m not too sure what I’m much of a pro at to think of it 🙂 I wanted to find a program that was inexpensive and simple to use to make my photos look even better. Getting my Sony DSC-RX100 was a great decision to take much better quality photos, but I felt they could look even better with a little tweaking. I own Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended – Student & Teacher Edition but it’s such a big program, it’s taking me a while to learn all the tools. A few weeks ago I came across Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and I couldn’t be any happier with a program that I’ve yet to master.  The price was pretty reasonable at only $79, so after doing the trial period, I jumped in.  I thought I’d show a few photos that I played around with to show you the results of just sliding a few sliders left and right and clicking “Export.”

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How to find rare characters at Walt Disney World


By placing the character locations and schedules (which I’ll update tonight) on this blog, it was my hope to help some people locate their favorite character more easily. Some characters were listed on the Times Guide, but others were (are) left off the Times Guide. The official Disney line was “ask a Cast Member.” That can be helpful at times, but other times the hard-working cast members just don’t know the answers or haven’t worked there long enough to answer guests questions. At other times the schedules were guarded like State secrects in a black box with handcuffs attached. Recently, one blog/twitter follower said she was given 5 different answers when she asked where Mary Poppins was meeting for Limited Time Magic – True Love Week. I hoped to help people know where to go and when to go there to meet their favorite characters. It was my experience on Ultimate Tours that character meets were always the longest lines, even when the meets were well-planned. Of course, we were trying to do EVERY attraction and EVERY character in the same day which we first accomplished in June, 2011.

How to find characters at Disney World Continue reading How to find rare characters at Walt Disney World

Tuesday’s Tip: Who’s in the parade?


I’ve had a number of people ask me which characters regularly appear in the different parades at Walt Disney World, so I composed this list based on my most recent trip in May.  There are some very rare characters that don’t offer meet and greets, like Gus & Jac from Cinderella, Timon, Pixar characters and the Br’ers, so have those cameras ready!  I will double check this week to make sure it’s accurate and as always characters that appear are always subject to change.

Magic Kingdom Celebrate Parade Frontierland Hoedown Move it Shake it Celebrate it Street Party Main Street Electrical Parade
Abu Big Al Chip Alice
Aladdin Brer Bear Dale Bashful
Alice Brer Fox Donald Captain Hook
Anastasia Brer Rabbit Frozone Cinderella
Ariel Clarabelle Cow Genie Doc
Beast Horace Horsecollar Goofy Dopey
Belle Liverlips Jessie Fairy Godmother
Bert Shaker King Louie Grumpy
Captain Hook Wendell Lumiere Gus
Chip Mad Hatter Happy
Cinderella Mickey Jac
Dale Minnie Mickey
Donald Mr. Incredible Minnie
Drizella Sebastian Mr. Smee
Eric Woody Perla
Fairy Godmother Peter Elliott
Flynn Peter Pan
Foulfellow Pinocchio
Gepetto Main Street Electrical Parade Animal Kingdom  
Gideon Alice Baloo
Goofy Bashful Brer Bear
Jafar Captain Hook Brer Rabbit
Jessie Cinderella Chip
Jiminy Cricket Doc Dale
Lady Tremaine Dopey Donald
Mad Hatter Fairy Godmother Goofy
Mary Poppins Grumpy King Louie
Mickey Gus Mickey
Minnie Happy Minnie
Naveen Jac Pluto
Perla Mickey Rafiki
Peter Pan Minnie Terk
Pinocchio Mr. Smee Timon
Prince Charming Perla
Queen of Hearts Peter Elliott
Rapunzel Peter Pan
Stitch Pinocchio
Suzy Sleepy
Tiana Sneezy
Tweedle Dee Snow White
Tweedle Dum Suzy
Wendy Darling White Rabbit
White Rabbit