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Madame Rinata

Madame Rinata at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012
Madame Rinata at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Show Schedule

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Updated 9/7/2014

There are four elements that make up the entertainment for each Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: Dance Parties, Happy Hallowishes Fireworks, Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade and the Villains Mix & Mingle. The dance parties offer you an opportunity to dance the night away with your favorite character and are available throughout the party. I recommend visiting the dance parties later into the night in order to make the most of your limited time.

Happy Hallowishes Fireworks


This is one of my favorite Disney fireworks shows. It combines pyrotechnics with great Halloween themed music and even has a 180 degree finale of vibrant explosions that will really shake you. You’ll hear from the Ghost Host, Oogie Boogie, Ursela and other Disney villains. Be sure to stand somewhere behind the Walt and Mickey statue. If you get too close, you’ll miss some of the timed fireworks. If you get too far away, you won’t be able to see the projections upon the castle. I recommend standing somewhere between Casey’s Corner and the Hub on Main Street for the best view. Arrive 15-30 minutes early for the best locations.

>Mickey’s Boo-To-You Parade

One of the best parades in all Disney parks! If you have your space secured 15 minutes before the start time, have your camera ready for the ride of the Headless Horseman. During the parade many great characters parade past, but the highlights are the Haunted Mansion Gravediggers who grind their shovels on the ground creating sparks, the Haunted Mansion dancing ghosts and the Ghost Riders in the Sky. I recommend attending the second parade. You won’t have to secure a spot as early. The best spots for the first parade are usually taken 60 minutes early and the same spots could be found for the second parade 15-30 minutes early. The Cast Members hand out candy toward the end of the parade too!

Villains Castle Show

The Villains Castle Show is a Walt Disney World original. Seven villains come out on stage and dance in a celebration of their badness, but it’s handled in Disney’s usual toned down, wink-and-a-nod manner. It will take place 3 times nightly at the parties.

Celebrate the Magic


Celebrate the Magic is a Projection and Lighting show that uses Cinderella Castle as a canvas. It is unlike anything you have ever seen. They use 3D mapping technology to transform the Castle in wondrous ways!

It is best to stand in the hub area to get a great view as the show is not as visible at wide angles or behind the castle at all.

Cadaver Dans

cadaver dans at mickey's not so scary halloween party

The Cadaver Dans are the party version of the fabulous Dapper Dans singing group that appears on Main Street daily.  They dress up for the haunted occasion and sing some special songs.

Cadaver Dans – Frontierland or Liberty Square areas

  • 7:30, 8:40, 9:45, 10:40, 11:30

Celebrate the Magic

  • 9:15

Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade

  • 8:15, 10:30

Happy Hallowishes

  • 9:30

Villains Mix and Mingle – Live on Stage!

  • 7:45, 8:55, 10:00
Monstrous Dance Party Tomorrowland Monsters Inc Characters
Club Villain Dance Party Frontierland Villains