Epcot Attractions

KennythePirate’s Guide to Epcot Rides

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KennythePirate Disney World Character Locator

ep_agentp.jpg Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure  
Location: World Showcase  
ep_captain_eo.jpg Captain EO  
Location: Imagination Pavilion  
ep_ellens_energy_adventure.jpg Ellen’s Energy Adventure  
Location: Future World  
ep_gran_fiesta_tour.jpg Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the 3 Caballeros  
Location: Mexico Pavilion  
ep_impressions_de_france.jpg Impressions de France  
Location: France Pavilion  
ep_innoventions.jpg Innoventions East  
Location: Future World  
ep_innoventions.jpg Innoventions West  
Location: Future World  
ep_imagination.jpg Journey into Imagination with Figment  
Location: Imagination Pavilion  
ep_living_with_the_land.jpg Living with the Land  
Location: Land Pavilion  
ep_maelstrom.jpg Maelstrom  
Location: Norway Pavilion  
ep_mission_space.jpg Mission Space  
Location: Mission Space Pavilion  
ep_o_canada.jpg O’Canada!  
Location: Canada Pavilion  
ep_reflections_of_china.jpg Reflections of China  
Location: China Pavilion  
ep_the_seas_with_nemo.jpg Seas with Nemo and Friends  
Location: Seas Pavilion  
ep_soarin.jpg Soarin’  
Location: Land Pavilion  
ep_spaceship_earth.jpg Spaceship Earth  
Location: Spaceship Earth  
ep_sum_of_all_thrills.jpg Sum of All Thrills  
Location: Innoventions East  
ep_test_track.jpg Test Track  
Location: Test Track Pavilion  
ep_circle_of_life.jpg The Circle of Life  
Location: Land Pavilion  
ep_turtle_talk.jpg Turtle Talk with Crush  
Location: Seas Pavilion  


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