Who do I recommend?

Some of my friends have asked what sites and blogs I enjoy following to get information about touring Walt Disney World.  I thought I’d include that in this handy page.

Some of my best Disney friends:

Discussion Forums:

  • Disboards – the largest  WDW discussion forum on the web.

Blogs and Podcasts:

  • wdwhints.com – Helpful Information, News, Tips & Secrets… all about Walt Disney World
  • Mousesavers – if you want to save money on your next Disney vacation, this is the place to look first!
  • Allears – Deb Koma, Jack Spence, Kristin Ford, Mike Scopa, Linda Eckwerth, and Michelle Scribner-MacLean offer a great site for all kinds of WDW information.

8 thoughts on “Who do I recommend?”

  1. Do you know of any comparable character sites for Disneyland? I’ve tried googling, but everything that comes up is old. I have heard that their characters or more random, but I still wanted to have an idea of where to look. Thanks!


  2. Do you know of a list of the magic’ photos taken with the Photopass Photog’s? Like cupping your hands and when you get the pic, Tink is in your hands (MK), similar ones are done with other characters. In addition to getting to meet lots of new characters this trip, I’d love to know what and where on the ‘magic’ photos.



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