Captain Hook at Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios

Character Palooza update for 8:00pm Fantasmic! showtimes

Trying to keep up with Character Palooza  is like juggling snowballs. It seems like things change more than they stay the same.  They change the times, they change the locations and they change the characters that appear.  It’s pretty funny in a way because Disney World has moved to the Hyper Planner model of vacationing with pre-arranging your resort stay, rides and dining months in advance, but they try to keep character meets as some sort of top secret, black ops program.

if you don’t know what Character Palooza is or where it’s located or what time it is click this green link for Character Palooza.

If you ask the average Cast Member (who is doing what they are told) they will deny that Character Palooza even exists or act very coy about it all.  Every time the Fantasmic! schedules change, I venture over, very low-key spy style, and try to discern the latest schedules.

Today I observed that the new 8:00pm schedules included a 3:30pm meet (expected) and a 5:05pm meet.  The 5:05pm time was a pretty big shock to me because they arranged the time to fall right when everyone is leaving Lights, Motors, Action.  Both meets were held on New York Street closer to the Writers Stop.  If you aren’t sure where that is, use my Hollywood Studios Map.

I’ve updated the September and October Crowd Calendars and updated Character Locator as well to reflect this change.  If you notice anything wonky, let me know.

Characters meeting today included:   Belle, jasmine, Aladdin, Max, Pinocchio, Jessie, Stitch, Green Army Men, Pocahontas.

7 thoughts on “Character Palooza update for 8:00pm Fantasmic! showtimes”

  1. Here you say in nights there is an 8pm fantastic the times are 3:30/5:10 for CP, but on your schedule for the 21 (with an 8pm fantastic) it’s still showing as 4:50. What time should we plan on?

    Thanks do much for your help!



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