Frozen Summer of Fun Live Sing-a-Long featuring Anna Elsa and Kristoff (153)

American Idol closing and Frozen Sing Along receiving Fastpass+

I’m a little behind in reporting this news, but felt it was important for those planning September trips to be aware that The American Idol Experience will close permanently on August 30 (Hey, that’s my birthday!)  It will not reopen.  It was originally reported that it would close in January, but they rushed the closing.

As I rumored a while back, the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing A Long will move away from the paper return time cards and begin using Fastpass+ on September 2nd.  It will be a Tier 2 Fastpass+, basically replacing American Idol.  I’ve been asked if one should choose this or Star Tours.  I would choose the early show for the Sing A Long and use my 4th FP+ for Star Tours.  Star Tours has HUGE capacity and also has low walk on waits in the morning and late in the evening.  I’ve updated my Fastpass+ Priority Guide to reflect this change.  I also posted a note on my guide to experience all the Frozen Summer Fun.

The Frozen Summer Fun is currently only guaranteed until September 28 and the Fireworks will move to Fri-Sun only in September.

In a very minor note the American Film Institute Showcase will close permanently today, August 17, 2014.

11 thoughts on “American Idol closing and Frozen Sing Along receiving Fastpass+”

  1. I heard the earliest sing along was 12:00, but the Fast passes are being offered much earlier, will there be an earlier sing along in September?


      1. That American Idol location is prime real estate, meant for a tentpost attraction. I wonder, with the stage and location, it seems a perfect spot for the sing-along to become permanent. Or perhaps a musical themed after “Treasure Planet”. But definitely one of the two.


  2. We have purchased the Frozen package and also got the fast pass for the evening show for the frozen sing a long, any idea when the morning parade and fireworks party start? We are visiting Sept 21. with a daughter who LOVES Frozen


  3. Hey aug 30 th is mt birthday too and let’s just say I’m older than 30. Been following Shannon from WDWprep since a few months after she started and you soon after. Thanks so much for the great info on characterpooliza and the recent old blog I found about the pirates and pals cruise Happy birthday Angela from Ohio

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