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Date set for Tinker Bell’s relocation to Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom

Back in January I posted that Tinker Bell would be relocating from Adventureland to Town Square Theater and the meet and greet would be only her, no other pixies and that the meet would offer Fastpass+ and Stand by availablility to meet her.  When I posted the info the reaction was pretty strong that people would be willing to wait longer in order to meet a wider variety of pixies, but that reaction apparently didn’t sway Disney’s decision to offer Tinker Bell all by herself.

Officially they are referring to the meet area as the “Garden Theater.”  Guests will be magically shrunk down to pixie size through the magic portal in order to meet Tink by herself.

According to a source, Tinker Bell will relocate to Town Square Theater (next door to Mickey Mouse) on May 20, 2014.  There currently is no listing for her yet on Fastpass+, but I expect that to come online very soon.

9 thoughts on “Date set for Tinker Bell’s relocation to Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. We were there last week and saw Tink and friends twice. First we saw Fawn and the second time we saw Terrance. When we return in June after her move, we won’t be standing in line for just Tink. She was fun but not worth the wait for us w so many other great characters to see.


  2. I think Disney may be overestimating Tink’s popularity as a solo act. We visit the fairies every trip, but only to meet the ‘fairy friend’. Tink herself is more of a one and done type deal. Now Peter Pan, Alice, Gaston and Tiana are characters that we never run out of things to say to! I have a feeling that lines will end up being pretty short after the novelty of her move wears off.


  3. So disappointing…. I know that we would have enjoyed meeting Zarina. I do hope the wait is shorter at Town Hall. We’ve waited a long to meet Tink and friends in the past.


  4. Thanks for the update. But, BOO! to Disney. No offense to Tink, but it was the addition of the friends that drew in DD again and again. So, glad we were there during fairy week last week. It appears this is one thing we can cross of our list.



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