Which characters at Walt Disney World don’t sign autographs

I’m asked, quite frequently, which characters sign autographs at Walt Disney World.  With more than 60 characters offering regular meet and greets, it’s easier to answer with which regular characters at Walt Disney World DON’T sign autographs.  Here’s a handy-dandy little graphic that explains it all.
disney world character autographs, disney world character signatures, disney world character signing,For those wishing to discuss the issue of Mr. Incredible:

Mr Incredible Autograph Mr Incredible Autograph


23 thoughts on “Which characters at Walt Disney World don’t sign autographs”

  1. I once got Baloo to sign for King Louie at Animal Kingdom, not sure if that happens often, also got Buzz and Mr. Incrediable’s autographs last trip. @ Disneyland Duffy and Russel don’t sign


  2. Belle and Beast are together Belle usually signs for both of them. I thought some people might like to know in case they or someone they know really likes the Beast!


  3. I’d like to point out that all characters do have autographs, just some of them need help with signing and can’t do it then and there.


    1. If I went to a meet that the characters don’t sign autograph books like Mike and Sulley, they wouldn’t tell me they can’t sign then and there. The CM just says, “Sorry, they don’t sign autograph books.”


  4. I can also verify that Buzz will occasionally sign if you have something other than an autograph book. He signed a canvas bag for me once.


  5. Beast can sign, depending on who is with him that day, but it is a rare event as it is difficult and time-consuming.


    1. The Tweedles do sign. It just takes them a while because one of them signs upside down and the other signs backwards. They took up most of my Character Palooza once!!!


  6. I have an autograph that Mr. Incredible signed himself.
    Here are some others who can’t:
    Chip (teacup)
    George Sanderson (Monsters Inc)
    Goliath (Jojo’s Circus)
    Mr. Potato Head
    Smitty (from Monsters Inc)


  7. If you have something special, Buzz will sign. We were there and I’m having a quilt made for my daughter, so Buzz signed the quilt square.



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