Disney World Character and blog news, Dining reservation changes

Tigger and Pooh move back into the Toy Soldier

Tigger and Winnie the Pooh will return to their United Kingdom location  Tuesday, October 8 (rescheduled from October 4 – thanks to @daveh787 for pointing this out) and will now offer a new queue for that meet.  Guests will now enter at the back of the store where there is a new canopy added for shade and exit through the store.  It’s a good move because the old version was very congested, but the dad’s did like the comfy chairs, lol.  The schedule and location has been adjusted for this meet on the blog/app.  I’ll drop in next week to visit and take some photos, but won’t have my Sony RX100.  It broke 🙂  I can’t get it to open and close any more.  I guess it’s time for a new camera.

The old entry was in the front door.  The NEW entry will be behind the Toy Soldier.
The old entry was in the front door. The NEW entry will be behind the Toy Soldier.
This is why they are changing the queue.  I visited Tigger and Pooh on August 26th and this was a 15 minute wait.
This is why they are changing the queue. I visited Tigger and Pooh on August 26th and this was a 15 minute wait.
Where people hung out while some waited in line.
Where people hung out while some waited in line.
It was difficult to get to the Kidcot stop with the interior queue line.
It was difficult to get to the Kidcot stop with the interior queue line.

Duffy ready to celebrate Halloween

Duffy is now meeting in his Pumpkin costume at Epcot.  He will continue wearing this costume daily through Halloween at his regular meet location and his schedule is unchanged.  I think they should offer him a different costume each month to better tie in to the idea of purchasing those outfits for a person’s Duffy bear.  As a side note, characters at Animal Kingdom typically wear Halloween costumes during the week leading up to Halloween.  Last year a variety of character appeared at resorts on Halloween day.

Duffy at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2012

Dining reservation changes

In October 2 years ago Walt Disney World made the decision to require a credit card to hold a reservation for all character meals and signature restaurants.  On October 31, 2013, Walt Disney World will now require a credit card hold for ALL table service locations.  If a person fails to cancel their dining reservation at least one day in advance, the customer will be charged a single $10 fee, not $10 per person, if you’re wondering.   The cancellation must take place no later than 11:59 pm the night before your reservation.

This change should open up a great deal of table service reservations because many people booked two or more locations and decided that day which to choose.  They would do this simply by using multiple email addresses.   Hopefully, this will link well to the MyMagic+ system.  Currently, one has to make a call to book or use their website for anything that requires a credit card.  I’ve had no success using my Android phone to book through their app.

Pre-paid locations like Cinderella Castle and dinner shows will retain the entire amount if one doesn’t cancel in advance.

You can cancel your dining reservation online or by calling (407) WDW-CNCL or (407) 939-2625.   Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

Making things simpler for the pirate

For over a year I maintained 2 or 3 different databases simultaneously with character and entertainment schedules to accommodate the blog and different app versions.  I’ve made the decision to link the character schedules on this blog to the character information and times on the Character Locator app, it’s still available free through this blog if you don’t wish to spend the 2 bucks.  With my new work schedule, it’s become too difficult to maintain different databases and we aren’t ready to merge the data fully.  It also will reduce errors.  You can click on Attractions, Characters, Entertainment or Menus to see all the info on any item you’re looking for or just purchase the app to have easier and faster access to the information.

I’ll be heading to Epcot to meet some characters and do some rides, then over to Hollywood Studios in the afternoon.  I want to meet Pluto and Goofy in their new locations, pumpkin Duffy, enjoy a few snacks and then finally get over to see Minnie in her new Hollywood Studios location.  If you see me around, be sure to say hello!

13 thoughts on “Disney World Character and blog news, Dining reservation changes”

  1. Looking forward to putting your app to use next week. We used the old version in January and it was VERY helpful on my niece and nephew’s first trip. Turned out they loved to meet characters and get autographs so I was glad I bought it before our trip. Worked so much better then constantly having to ask the CMs like I have done in the past.


  2. Duffy is on our list as we have never met him..I love the costume idea as we feel like we are working through the seasons and months


  3. If I already have table service reservations for my February trip somewhere that didn’t currently require a credit card, will I have to cancel and make my ADR again?


  4. Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to meet Jasmine & Aladdin in Adventureland? I would check the Times Guide & with Cast members & was given different times & then they would close the line after 10 -15 minutes. I tried multiple times & each time the line was closed (characters were present at the time & there was room in the line). We were very frustrated by this & no one would help us. We ended up meeting them in Epcot.


    1. I’ve found the times I list to be accurate and give this advice on their page:
      “Meet Aladdin and Jasmine by arriving a few minutes before their first meet to avoid long waits.

      Sets may be full well before the posted time and the line could close!”

      Times guides are a waste of paper



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