Meeting Tarzan and Jane Porter at Disney Animal Kingdom

Tarzan and Jane came out for a special meet and greet today at the Animal Kingdom park.  They came out in front of the park for a training meet to prepare for the upcoming Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties.  Tarzan appeared first by himself, then Jane followed him.  After meeting each of them, I made my way around the park to get photos of MENUS so I can update the Character Locator app!  Yes, that the kind of awesome fun I have now that I’ve moved here.  After walking around the 6.37 mile circle that is Animal Kingdom, I made my way out of the park to find Tarzan and Jane meeting together, so I stopped for another brief meet and a couple of photos.  I would present the photos of me with Tarzan and Jane, but I look ridiculous after shaving most of my goatee for work.  Fortunately, I’m allowed to grow it back!

Both characters were very interactive and a lot of fun to meet.  Each was willing to sign autographs.

NOTE:  This is a TRAINING MEET, not a regularly scheduled meet.  They will not be appearing on the schedule in the future.  They may make a few appearances in the next couple of days, but those will be unscheduled.

Here ya go:

Jane-Animal-Kingdom-Training-August-2013d-(1) Tarzan-and-Jane-Animal-Kingdom-Training-August-2013-(1) Tarzan-Animal-Kingdom-Traiing-August-2013-(2) Tarzan-Animal-Kingdom-Traiing-August-2013-(3)

13 thoughts on “Meeting Tarzan and Jane Porter at Disney Animal Kingdom”

  1. Very fun meet. I agree so should be a rgualr part at Animal Kingdom. Hope the new job is going well. Not sure if she is will be there or not, but we are making our way to the Doc McStuffins Doc moblie visit at Navy Pier in Chicago this weekend. It says the character is at select meet and greets so here’s hoping we get to meet her.


      1. The Doc Mobile meet up in Chicago = NO DOC!! I am guessing based on some negative press from the New York meet (she only was there 1/2 hour) they decided not to have her. It was in the notes: “Doc had to work in her clinic today so she will not be able to meet with you” A bummer for many in the LONG line to enter the area. There were places for checkup of toys, a dance(fitness area) water area and simple photo backdrop. My daughter had fun and got a water bottle, doctor kit and the photo was free.


  2. Thanks for posting. I wish they were regulars! (Or at the least I wish that there was some presence of Tarzan in the parks – I liked the movie)



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