Daisy Duck no longer offering regular meets in Epcot

As a part of the opening of the new Character Spot and increasing “capacity” for that attraction with 3 characters (Mickey, Minnie and Pluto) and Fastpass+ in the future, Daisy Duck was unceremoniously removed from Epcot yesterday.  Every time “capacity” is mentioned in a character meet and greet, another character(s) must leave the park.  Fastpass+ may end up being a great addition to the parks as a whole, but it’s taking away character after character due to offering the “extra magic.”  I try not to spoil things behind the scenes, maybe you can put two and two together there.  I totally missed that detail when discussing the new Character Spot.

Goofy moves from the planter area at the front of the park to the themed backdrop where Daisy once met in that location.

Daisy may make random, unscheduled meets at Epcot, but nothing upon which you could plan.  Daisy will no longer offer regularly scheduled meets in her pink dress as well.

Daisy is available for scheduled meets in the following locations:

Animal Kingdom – Tusker House Character Meal

Hollywood Studios – Sorcerer’s Hat

Magic Kingdom – Pete’s Silly Sideshow

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10 thoughts on “Daisy Duck no longer offering regular meets in Epcot”

  1. Argh! We were there on Sunday and passed her up since we were going back on Thursday. My daughter will be so upset with me. She likes plain daisy over the one at Pete’s at MK


  2. So sad by this news! We leave Thursday, and hopes of meeting Daisy in her pink dress. Never met her before.


  3. Hey Kenny, do you know anything about Donald meeting in his blue sailor outfit? Does he still meet in that outfit at the character spot?


  4. That’s very sad to hear. In December of 2009, we had a chance encounter with her. Unfortunately my then 3 year old daughter who ADORES her was asleep. We took a pic of Daisy with our sleeping daughter luckily. I hope we have the chance to meet her again in the future.


  5. With the popularity of the Disney Junior Show “Mickey Mouse Club House” you’d think the fab 5 (well 6 if you count Pluto) would be together somewhere. I liked the old charcter spot where you could meet 5 of them at once…why’d they go and change that? My daughter will be disappointed- she LOVES Daisy!



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