Greedo at Star Wars Weekends

New for Star Wars Weekends 2013 is Greedo. He has appeared in the parade for years, but hasn’t been available for meet and greets. He appears in the late afternoon in the Backlot area and joins the other bounty hunters as a roaming character. The guy wouldn’t stand still. I took 20 photos of his ear because he kept moving away from the camera. I finally waited on him near the exit/entrance area and got a nice close up (above) and a wave goodbye.  Catch him at Star Wars Weekends!
Greedo at Star Wars Weekends

This is parade Greedo. I actually liked his costuming better than the meet and greet character.
Star Wars Weekends Parade 1 (21b)

7 thoughts on “Greedo at Star Wars Weekends”

  1. Yes I did see your pictures of the parade. Very nice job! Thank you for the compliments on our costumes. Like I said before, we build our own costumes and they must be screen accurate which is very tedious but rewarding. We pride ourselves for the charity work we do and Disney’s SWW is our reward for the hard work. At least that’s how I see it. We may sweat a lot in the costumes but it’s so cool to see all the fans cheering us on. My first exposure to the 501st Legion and the Florida Garrison was at Disney’s SWW about 5 years ago. I decided last year while watching the parade that I’d join and march as a member this year. Fortunately I was able to make that dream a reality. Being a part of the Legion and marching in the parade has been a lot of fun and an honor. It’s too bad you can’t make it this weekend. We’re going to have a huge group of Tie Pilots! Thank you for the support and May the Force be with you!


  2. The Greedo from the parade is indeed a 501st Florida Garrison member that has over 20 different costumes. The big difference between 501st and Disney costumes are the screen accurate standards we’re held to where Disney has costumes that have to fit several cast members with a certain body type. The 501st costumes are built by the owners to fit them and have to meet the strict criteria of the Legion. This was only his second time wearing the costume and it is really cool. I glad you enjoyed his costume and I’ll be sure to pass it on. If you’re going to the last weekend be sure to cheer us on. Saturday June 8th is Tie pilot day and Black Widow (female tie pilots) day. We will have a lot of pilots, including me. Come to the Dark Side…. we have cookies!


    1. Did you see the photos I posted from the parade featuring the 501st? I won’t be available that weekend, going to parent’s 50th anniversary party. You guys do a great job with the parade and costumes!


  3. I don’t know if this was an official change, or if it was just a Cast Member deciding to be helpful, but Greedo did not roam on Friday. The Cast Member had us form a line across from where Darth Maul meets, and Greedo stayed there to meet all of his fans. Definitely nicer than trying to catch him while he is roaming.


  4. A good portion of the characters in the parade are not by Disney, they are provided through the 501st. You can tell the difference because the 501st doesn’t stop at the stage, they continue on to Idol; whereas the official Disney/SWW characters go up on the stage.

    The Greedo in the parade is a 501st member, the Greedo that does M&G into Hoopla is the official one.


    1. Thanks Tyler, I was aware of that, but didn’t point it out in detail in that post. I did mention the 501st extensively in my post on the parade. If you’re a 501st fan, you might want to check it out.



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