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Limited Time Magic Fairies experience – Take TWO

As I mentioned previously, the Fairy that I really wanted to meet was Silvermist.  She came and left from the park so quickly that we never had a chance to say hello.  Because of the blog I’ve met many great people.  Some enjoy helping others locate the characters that meet in the parks.  Well, a couple of super nice people told me that Silvermist would be out at 5:30 pm and again at 10:00pm on Wednesday.  After watching the Frontierland Hoedown, I headed over to meet Silvermist.  When my friends and I walked in, we found a line of an hour or more.  Now we were hoping that we’d actually get to meet the ONE character we wanted to see.  After waiting for about an hour while talking and laughing, we were in to meet her.

Tinker Bell and Silvermist

Tinker Bell remembered me from Monday and we picked up our conversation about babbling brookes.  I hope I didn’t creep out Silvermist too much when I was excited to see her.

Tink and Silvermist

It’s nice to see Terance out for meets again.  Terance and Fawn

Terance and Fawn

3 thoughts on “Limited Time Magic Fairies experience – Take TWO”

  1. I have just a few questions for you.
    Do you know if any new characters will be introduced this summery WDW? We are planning to visit Disneyland in December, will different characters be available to meet & greet there?
    Thanks so much for all you, it’s been a great help!


  2. Hi Kenny, We met TInk&Iridessa with Silvermist&Fawn this morning and Tink&Fawn with Vidia&Rosetta this afternoon. We waited about an hour each time, but it was well worth it as my daughter has now met all the fairies.



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