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(Updated 10/7/12)

NOTE:  Sofia the First has replaced Quincy!

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Your intrepid reporter ventured to Hollywood Studios during Extra Magic Hours to see if I could discover what characters appear for the Disney Jr Dance Party and what times they appear.  This may be a low budget operation, but it isn’t low quality 🙂  First, you need to know that the Disney Jr Dance Party is ONLY available to onsite Walt Disney World guests.  The Cast Member asks you to show a resort ID at the entrance.  I always stay offsite now, so I had to ask a friend to help me get in by listing me on their room reservation.

When the party first began, only Handy Manny and Jake were out dancing.  They arrived promptly at 10:00 pm.  Handy Manny wasn’t as good of a dancer as Jake, but pirates are always the best!

Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios Handy Manny

Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios Handy Manny

Jake Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

Once the party gets rocking it can become very difficult to take decent photos.  They use a lot of theatrical “smoke,” have bubbles fall from the ceiling and even make it snow.  Those bubbles and “snow” can really mess up your camera lens, so you might want to put away the camera when they use those features.  It wouldn’t be a Disney World dance party without a live DJ right?  I think his name was DJ Hipster Cool Guy with Spiked Hair, or something like that.
DJ Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

This photo shows you how foggy it becomes in the room.  The kids were having an absolute blast and many of them stayed the entire 2 hours for Extra Magic Hours.  The party used to be 3 hours long, but Disney cut late EMH from 3 hours to 2 hours a while back.  Boooo!


At 10:15 pm Mickey and Minnie appeared to join Handy Manny and Jake.  The kids excitement level jumped right back up again when the DJ announced the Big Cheeses were in the room.  Everyone loves Mickey and Minnie!  I think Mickey was trying to fly in this photo.Mickey Mouse Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios


Minnie Mouse Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

Minnie Mouse Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

Mickey was assigned the task of leading a Conga Line by the DJ.  Why do they call it a Conga Line when NO ONE plays the Congas?   You guys need to leave a better name for this in the comments!Conga Line Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

At 10:30pm Goofy and Pluto arrived and Manny and Jake left to take a break.  This left us with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.Goofy Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios


When the DJ announced that he was playing a song in honor of Pluto, which turned out to be “Who let the dogs out?” Pluto went nuts.  He was jumping around all over the place and the kids really responded to him very well.  Shouldn’t the song honor Goofy too?  He is a dog after all.  One of his original names was Dippy Dawg.  I like Dawg because it reminds my of my time living in Georgia and Randy Jackson from American Idol.  “Dawg, you’re in it to win it!”Pluto Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios


At 10:45 pm Quincy and Annie joined the dance party.  Most of the kids went to Annie, leaving poor Quincy alone.  After they realized that Quincy had great Disco moves and could play the air guitar, the crowd began to move his way.  At this time Mickey and Minnie left for break and it’s Goofy, Pluto, Quincy and Annie.

NOTE:  This is currently the only place that you can interact with Quincy and Annie from the Little Einsteins.Quincy Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

Check out those air guitar skillz.Quincy Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

Quncy Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

After dancing for 5 or 10 minutes of the set the characters sometimes are willing to pose for a quick photo with your child but there are NO AUTOGRAPHS, so leave those memory books in the stroller!Annie Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood Studios

Annie Disney Jr Dance Party Hollywood StudiosI was actually impressed with how much fun the children were having at this Dance Party.  Most of the parents were taking photos or sitting on the sidelines.  There are a few padded benches in the back of the theater if you need a place to rest.  By rotating characters every 15 minutes, it seemed to keep the kids interested in the party.  Here’s the schedule I observed:

10:00-10:30 Jake and Handy Manny

10:15-10:45 Mickey and Minnie

10:30-11:00 Goofy and Pluto

10:45-11:15 Quincy and Annie

11:00-11:30 Jake and Manny

11:15-11:45 Mickey and Minnie

11:30-12:00 Goofy and Pluto

11:45-12:00 Quincy and Annie (they actually danced beyond 12:00 but there weren’t many people left).

38 thoughts on “Disney Jr Dance Party at Hollywood Studios”

  1. I do not see the Disney Jr. Dance Party on your most recent Character Locator schedule. Is this no longer happening?


  2. Plus Donald, & Handy Man-n-y’s Tool’s Flicker Turner, & Phi ll-e-p-p-e, & Skull-y in The Line of Okay Stop! Plus Pat The Hammer in the Line of Now Dance!


  3. I Think There Should Be Huey Due-y, & Louie, & Daisy, & Mr. Spirit As Well 4 The Line of Stop! Plus Aunt Judy, Jake’s Sis I-z-z-y, & Cub-y in The Line of Dance.


  4. We are heading down Oct 22-29th and DHS EMH are 7:30-9:30; does that mean the party will be moved to 7:30-9:30 instead of 10?


  5. How far in advance does Disney advertise these parties? I was trying to add to My Disney Experience plans for our trip in October and there were no parties showing.


  6. This may be a dumb question but you said that your friend had to put you on the list so you could attend the dance party because you stayed offsite do you still need a regular ticket to attend even if you are stay on site?


  7. Thanks… I guess I meant the dance party itself…. are there plans to incorporate the new characters into the EMH Dance party – like Sofia and Doc? Okay, last question for today – promise 😉


  8. With the changes to the Disney Jr. Stage show… have you heard if the characters at the Dance party may change to reflect that? (sorry for all the questions today – going in three weeks and getting our plans in order). Did subscribe to the new locator… excited about having it for the next trip 😉


    1. They already changed the Disney Jr. Show to include Sofia and Doc. Thanks for your support and hope it helps! I’m adding a bunch of content to dining sections right now. Should be visible in a few days. Feel free to ask.


  9. wow this is awesome! so whenever there are EMH at DHS they have this? We are going 2014 so I hope they still do this..


  10. Thanks for the character list!! It will help me plan accordingly for this year’s trip. Last July DD6 loved this, as Jake was there (and she was dressed as Izzy). Because it had rained earlier in the evening, not many people were here. All the kids had loads of character interation. Nice way to end the day. BTW – great website – really helped in my planning for last year’s trip!!!


  11. So do they do this for every extra magic hours for Hollywood studios? We r going the week of Labor Day my kids would love it!


  12. This was one of the highlights of our Sept 2012 trip for my DD2. She had so much fun. It is a not to miss event if you have littles! They also had balloon animal artists making the kids balloon sculptures. Great Disney touch!


  13. Did the Disney Jr dance party with my sons (4 and 5 at the time) back in August. They had an absolute blast. One tip my wife and I have is to have the kids take an afternoon nap so they are able to handle the late night.

    When we arrived at 10 it was Manny and Jake on the dance floor soon joined by Mickey and Minnie. There were 4 characters out at all times and rotated in groups of 2 every 15-20 minutes.

    Sons had the most fun with Quincy. He had by far the smallest crowd so they got a lot of dance time with him. They also loved Goofy and Ploto.

    This is a hidden gem especially if you have small kids, and I would have never had discovered it had I not been for your listings of character locations on your web site and came across this. Thank you for all your hard work.


  14. The dance party has been a favorite of my daughter’s since she was tiny and she still loves it at 9, but claims she just goes along with it for her little sister. Her dad and I know better! Thanks for the current cast of characters. Love that the Little Einsteins still appear.



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