Disneyland’s Princess Fantasy Faire opening March 12

cinderella fantasy faire
Cinderella inside Royal Hall.  Copyright Disney


Disneyland’s Fantasy Faire was built upon an area known as the Carnation Plaza Gardens.  For years it featured evening swing dancing, but not a great deal more.  It was demolished to bring this grand, new meet and greet area for Disney Princesses.  It maintains the same gothic styling as Fantasyland behind the castle, but has a more open village feeling.  It will be located to the left of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

There are two main areas of Fantasy Faire:  Royal Hall and Royal Theater.   Royal Hall will be the primary meet and greet location for Disney Princesses which features a couple of nice interactive elements in “Clopin’s Music Box” and Gepetto’s cat Figaro napping upon a window sill.  “Clopin’s Music Box” is a mechanical wonder that displays the Feast of Fools scene from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

The Royal Theater is the primary location of Princess storytelling.  There will be two different shows presented featuring Belle and Rapunzel.  They story will be presented by Mr. Jones and Mr. Smythe who are Renaissance style storytellers who desire to bring these stories to life.  They will be joined by Belle and Rapunzel who will meet and greet at the conclusion of the story.

Fantasy Faire opens March 12, 2013

rapunzel fanasy faire
Rapunzel at Fantasy Faire Copyright Disney



8 thoughts on “Disneyland’s Princess Fantasy Faire opening March 12”

  1. We haven’t been to DLR in a couple of years. This looks neat. Is it taking the place of the princess m&g where they were on a rotation? We saw Ariel, Belle and Jasmine once and then Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella the next time.


  2. SOOO excited to hear this! On the countdown for our first visit (less than 3 wks!) with our little girls…any idea if this will be set up with the FP system? Love your site & app 🙂



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