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(Updated 4/23/14)


I’ve had a number of blog visitors ask about training spots in Epcot.  Epcot offers more training meets than the other parks by far.  There are a large variety of locations that I’ve personally witnessed character training including behind Innoventions near Journey in Imagination, the Fountain of Nations stage area and the International Gateway.  But the two most commonly used training areas are the World Showplace gates between Canada and the United Kingdom pavilions and the American Adventure gates to the immediate left of the attraction.  The best times to see rare characters are times near marathons, when the Disney College Program begins its new sessions,  and the week before Halloween and Christmas parties begin.

American Adventure training location

International Gateway is Friendship boat area for resorts and Hollywood Studios
World Showplace gates between Canada and United Kingdom

At various training locations, My kids and I have seen Ariel, Belle, Big Al, Chip n Dale, Donald, Eeyore, Foulfellow, Gepetto, Goofy, Jiminy Cricket, Mary Poppins, Mickey, Minnie, Mr. Penguin, Mr. Smee, Pinocchio, Pluto, Queen Grimhilde, Rafiki and Rosetta.

Some characters that we didn’t have a chance to meet in Epcot, but have appeared there for random or training include:  Captain Jack, Cruella, Dr. Facilier, Gaston, Jane, Mad Hatter, Max, Megara, Merida, Rapunzel and Flynn, Shang, Tarzan, Tremaine Family and Wendy.  I’m sure there are many more, but I can’t think of them all.

A Cast Member friend of mine thought it might be helpful if I shared which characters might appear at the World Showplace or American Adventure meets on a semi-regular basis.  While the list may not be exhaustive, it gives you an idea of where you might find the characters below and how often on a 1 to 5 scale you might see them.

Happy character hunting!

World Showplace:   American Adventure:
Baloo 2 Baloo 3
Big Al 3 Big Al 3
Brer Bear 3 Brer Bear 3
Brer Fox 3 Brer Fox 3
Captain Hook 3 Chip n Dale 5
Chip n Dale 5 Donald 5
Donald 5 Foulfellow 2
Foulfellow 3 Gideon 3
Geppetto 3 Goofy 5
Gideon 4 King Louie 2
Goofy 5 Liverlips 4
King Louie 3 Mickey 5
Launchpad McQuack (extremely rare) 1 Minnie 5
Liverlips 3 Mr. Penguin 3
Mickey 5 Mr. Smee 4
Minnie 5 Perla 1
Mr. Penguin 3 Pluto 5
Mr. Smee 4 Rafiki 4
Perla 2 Shaker 4
Pluto 5 Suzy 1
Rafiki 3 Terk 1
Shaker 3 Wendell 4
Suzy 2
Terk 2
Wendell 3

Here’s some additions that another CM friend sent me.  The person said the ranking best applies to times when College Program cast are training.  The list posted by Phillip in the comments is pretty comparable.

Dopey – 3
Daisy – 1
Bolt – 3
Max – 4
Stitch – 4
Genie – 2
Tigger – 4
Pooh – 4
Eeyore – 2
Jafar – 1
Meeko – 3

84 thoughts on “Epcot character training spots”

      1. Glad you made it! Saw you entering as I was leaving. Went to his first three sets and was so excited every single time.


  1. Update for today (8/14):

    International Gateway: human Ariel
    America: Chip, Dale, Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, Smee, Rafiki, Pooh, Tigger, King Louie
    Canada: Gideon, Foulfellow, Goofy, Mickey, Eeyore

    Everyone just finished with their first sets


  2. I got to hang out with Max and Suzy when I was on the College Program, and in the training group was Darkwing Duck! That was a highlight for all of us. I know we trained at the Hat as well at Hollywood Studios, and it was cute watching Goofy and Max together.


  3. Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, Chip, Dale, Tigger, Eeyore, and Mr Penguin were at the American Pavilion location today and Dopey was at International Gateway. Expect more CPs and MNSSHP training in the next few days.


  4. Today at world showplace i saw smee, penguin, mickey, Minnie, Donald, daisy, chip, and dale then later in the day i saw characters in there again but couldn’t get a good view, do you think it was the same set or a different set?


  5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they let you make a list of the characters you want to see at epcot training or characterpalooza, or if they let you do a vote on the characters you want the next time you go?


  6. I am going to be at WDW for Memorial Day Weekend. Do you know if there is a chance of seeing some characters at these training spots around that time of the year?


  7. I went last month to circle World Showcase a few times and this is what I found:

    -Max by himself in front of American Adventure. Line was closed when I passed the first time but I managed to catch him a few hours later.
    -Mickey, Minnie, Geppetto, Foulfellow, and King Louie at the World ShowPlace gates

    Thanks again for the tips! I love Max and I was thrilled to finally catch him.


  8. Today I saw TinkerBell at International Gateway, Belle (in her yellow ball gown) at Imagination and Pluto at the American adventure. Tink did at least 3 sets, while Belle and Pluto both did at least 2 sets.


  9. When we were there in Sept. 2013 (20th I believe), after the Synergy in Motion class, we were walking back from Figment to the main gate and ran into a Cinderella walking through the park with a CM, but no PP Photographer, but the CM was willing to take pictures. I would say about 11 am.

    We also ran into a Chip n Dale outside in Mickey/Minni building meet and great area, a few hours later. I would say it was around 1-2 pm.

    Were these possible Trainings or regular happenings.


  10. Always fun to come to your site to figure out characters for our next Disney trip. We appreciate all the great information you provide. Hopefully you will be able to tell me if the random characters meet during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival??? Thanks


  11. We went January 2013 and happened to run into one of these in the American Adventure area. We had no idea what it was of course, but we saw a ton of characters. Baloo, Goofy, Mickey, Pluto, Eeyore, Donald, Rafiki, and more. We got to see almost all of them but a couple, and the lines were so short because it was a surprise. Such a treat! Thanks for the info. We will be going again early 2014 and I will be on the lookout for some character training in Epcot 🙂 Our 4 year loves the characters and still believes they are real. So fun!


  12. Was at Disney Nov 8-11 and saw Rapunzel twice randomly. Once near the international gateway…near the store that is just inside the entrance and another time (same day) in-between the land and Seas pavilion, sort of under the monorail tracks…


  13. I was talking to a character assistant the other day who said she heard that Megara MIGHT have been there recently, but she also heard it wasn’t true. Oh, and BTW when we were there in Saturday Vidia was there! 🙂 Sowas Terrance…


  14. Is there a certain time for when they open the World Showplace doors? And what time does the character training in America start?


  15. Leaving to WDW on Thursday. DD is a huge fan of the princesses and will be turning 13 while on the trip. We will be in Epcot on July 19. Any chance we could see training with princesses, preferably Rapunzel or Tiana? We will be visiting MK the next day and HS the day after, so if we don’t see those characters at Epcot, can we see them at MK or HS? Thanks!



    1. Emma,
      No one knows the training schedules. If you meet them it might be near Imagination or International Gateway, but your best chances are Tiana early at MK and Fastpass Rapunzel.


  16. At the World Showplace, do cast members just open the gates and guests can walk in and meet characters? Or is it something different?


  17. Do you know an exact time for this training? I would love to meet the Bre’rs, the Country Bears, and Foulfellow and Gideon


      1. Thanks, but I just wanted to know how you would be selected to be in the character meets.


  18. I was in Disney World in June 2012. On June 29, 2012 I was wandering around Epcot and came past the Word ShowPlace. I ran into and met Mr. Smee, Max, Pluto and the Country Bears: Wendell, Big Al, Shaker and Liverlips.


  19. From my trip a few weeks ago and with the help from taking with CMs me and my sis were able to experience this. Even though we didn’t find any extremely rare characters for us the more rare for Terk. Overall I still had fun with the characters and they all did a great job interacting!!!! Hope to experience this again and maybe hope that luck is on my side and get a rare character or two.


  20. A few characters that need to be added to the above lists:

    American Adventure:
    -Bolt (3)
    -Captain Hook (3)
    -Daisy (2)
    -Eeyore (4)
    -Piglet (2)
    -Pooh (4)
    -Stitch (3)
    -Tigger (4)

    World ShowPlace:
    -Bolt (3)
    -Daisy (2)
    -Genie (extremely rare) (1)
    -Jafar (extremely rare) (1)
    -Jiminy Cricket (extremely rare) (1)
    -Pinocchio (3)
    -Piglet (2)
    -Stitch (3)


  21. My daughter and I were there the week before Christmas and caught Big Al, Brer Bear, Terk, Hook, Smee, Goofy, and Donald all out at the same time. They did two sets (one at 12:15 and I believe the other was around 1:30)



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