Prince Eric to be retired from regular meets

According to sources Prince Eric is set to be retired from regular meets  after meeting guests (soon) on Saturday, September 29.  Ariel will meet guests alone at Adventureland Verandah beginning Sunday, September 30.  She will move to her new Grotto meet area next to her new ride and return to fin form in mid to late October.

8 thoughts on “Prince Eric to be retired from regular meets”

  1. I know this is an old thread, but do they plan on re-introducing him to the parks after new fantasyland and all is complete? Or is he done for good? I don’t understand why they would take him out of the parks permanently?


    1. He will not be offering any regular meet and greets, just special occasions or random appearances. They added Gaston and Marie to Magic Kingdom and extended hours for Ariel, Donald, Daisy and Goofy and Enchanted Tales with Belle requires a lot of resources as well.


  2. My little red headed daughter is going to be so disappointed if he no longer meets. We are going next summer, and she wants to meet her prince!!


  3. Wish they’d just keep Eric out until Ariel moves. I was really looking forward to meeting him. Besides Flynn, he’s the only prince we haven’t yet met. On the positive side, hopefully if they are moving Ariel mid to late October, the new ride will be opening as well. Our dates are October 20th-27th so maybe we’ll at least be able to catch that in soft opening.


    1. Hope you are right. Can you see to it that Ariel and Eric continue to meet together at least through 10/20 and then Ariel can move to the grotto in fins on 10/26 for our last MK day? 😀 LOL. That would be my ideal scenario. The best of both worlds, especially if the new ride opens as well.


  4. Aw man D: I never got around to meeting him when he was there. Hopefully he’ll be at the Christmas Party! (Though I seriously doubt it, it’s worth a shot!)



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