No autographs from Belle?

I have heard from a reliable source that Belle will no longer sign autographs in her new Enchanted Forest location in New Fantasyland.   This area is to be considered an “experience” rather than a mere meet and greet.  Guests will get to take part in her Story Time and then have a few moments to meet her.  Guests will be allowed the bonus of taking photographs with Belle, just no autographs.  It remains unclear if this is going to be seen as a test for future meets.  While not taking sides on the autograph vs no autograph, I can tell you from experience that lines at Disneyland moved much faster because fewer guests collected autographs.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “No autographs from Belle?”

  1. I understand why they would consider something like this for this kind of attraction/experience, but I definitely don’t think they should get rid of autographs completely. I, for one, think they’re a fun thing to collect, and they’re always so beautifully done.


    1. Belle will leave Town Square Theater and Aurora will most likely step back in with Cinderella and Rapunzel. Ariel will also leave the Verandah and go back to fin form in her new grotto. Either Peter Pan will take her location or they MIGHT bring back Timon and or Rafiki to the Magic Kingdom. I’m hoping for Timon because he no longer meets in any parks.


      1. Thanks for the reply! I was hoping Tiana might move into TST so we could meet two of my daughters favorites (Rapunzel being the other) in one place but I guess since she meets with Naveen that isn’t really a possibility. Glad Ariel will be in fin form – very exciting.

        One other question – think Ariel will meet continuously in the new location? Like Merida does now. Or will it still be more like her current schedule?


  2. I really hope she continues to sign autographs. They could do it much like her old story time. Those that weren’t interested in the autograph or meeting Belle can move on while those that do can wait in line. As far as Disneyland goes, we got just as many autographs there but the princess meet and greet was a nightmare. Didn’t know who was going to be there and we waited for an hour even in the morning. Hope their revamping they are doing now takes care of it. FP is definitely needed for the princesses!



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