Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios, Meet Indiana Jones

How to Meet Indiana Jones at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

If you’re reading this post, which you must be, you are in the .001% of all guests that visit Walt Disney World each year. Most people wandering the park don’t know about these schedules or facts. Why is that important? Because you read this blog, you can access information that most people aren’t aware of. One of those details is that you can actually MEET Indiana Jones! Indy will meet with you and autograph your favorite item. All you need to do is be willing to stay after the show. If you are looking at the stage, he will meet near the center right section on the stage. He will be REALLY sweaty, because he just completed his performance, but he’s always been super nice to our family when we have met him. Be polite and ask, don’t demand to meet him. Courtesy always goes a long way.

5 thoughts on “How to Meet Indiana Jones at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World”

  1. Awesome! This was my kids favorite show last time. I will be sure to add an Indy page to their autograph books. Kenny, you rock!


  2. Does he meet directly after the show? My boys would be so excited but I need to make sure we make it to our ADR afterward. Thanks!


  3. Thanks for the info! I met him in 1991 and hadn’t heard of him meeting fans anymore so we hadn’t tried in my trips thereafter. Will definitely try to meet up with him on our October trip.



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